Nash's Birth Story and Pics!

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Nash's Birth Story and Pics!

I'll start at the very beginning...

12/31: We had been shopping most of the day and I had been having contractions but they were on and off so no biggie. At about 9pm, I noticed they were coming with regularity. Eek! Seriously!? So I counted and found that they were 10-6 minutes apart and 30-40 seconds. This continued until 4:30 am when the hospital asked me to come in.

1/1/12: 4:40 am i was hooked up to a monitor and sure enough, contracting. After a check I was not dilated at all, which I knew, my body doesn't. So they had me try a few different positions and she was able to get them to die down a bit. We went home and I was able to get some sleep. That day, the contractions continued but they weren't as intense as before. At about 9pm, that changed and they started to get a bit harder to ignore. They woke me up at 2am.

1/2/12: They hurt pretty bad. So bad that I was curling my toes. We were now back to 10 minutes apart, 40 seconds each. What the heck!? I was seriously shocked this was really happening. I have never gone into labor so it was very new. they continued like that ALL day! My mom and DH wanted me to call but I just couldn't. What if it was the same? Which I knew it would be. If I was dilating, which I wasn't, I didn't want them to send me I resisted. By 9pm, I was in PAIN. By 2 am I was nearly ready to call it quits so I called the hospital.

1/3/12: I tell the hospital who I am, what's been going on, etc and they ask if I want to come in. I explain why I think I do but I also tell hem why I don't really want to. The nurse is very funny and makes me laugh and notices that they are not very long (20-40 seconds) but they are coming more quickly (6 minutes apart). This makes me think that they aren't going to do anything so I decide to sit home for the last few hours.

I have never looked so forward to something in my life. 5am we leave for the hospital and I am beside myself with the pain and so excited to get it all gone! They hook me up to the monitors and are very surprised to see the intensity of the contractions. No action on the other end though. At 7:30, my doc is ready, I am ready, let's get going!!!

Perhaps its because of my pain level but this was by far the very best birth I have ever had. I was thinking back today and just teared up thinking abut how happy I was that everything worked out.

My anesthesiologist was awesome and my spinal was perfect. No adverse reactions or anything. He warned me of the itching but I had none.

My doctors were encouraging, caring, and funny. The very first words I heard from one of the doctors was "Wow, you really are a boy, aren't you!". I laughed! At another point my doctors were talking about movies. My doctor said "you know how you can tell your surgery is going great? We're talking about movies."

Henry William Nash was born at 8:04am. He weighed 7lbs 11oz and was 18 inches. The nurse commented that he was probably longer since his legs were so curled up but she could not get him any straighter. His apgars were 9/9.

I was back to my room at 8:30 and Nash was placed directly on my chest. He rooted immediately and nursed for about 2 hours. It was amazing. My doctor said that I didnt have too much scar tissue and my uterus looks perfect. Always good to hear after your 4th c/s. Just so happy about the entire experience and recovery is going very well and quickly. We've already taken quite a few walks to the park.

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Sounds like a great birth experience. Him and Maya are exactly 10 mins apart Biggrin He is a cutey, congrats Smile

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Awww what a cutie, glad everything went smooth! Congrats!!

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He's adorable! Congrats! I love his name!

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Sounds like it went perfect! He is adorable! Glad nursing is going well! Congrats again!

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So adorable! It sounds like you had a great birth minus the contractions.

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So cute! Congratulations!

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SO handsome!!! Looks like a little blondie!! Aren't his brothers blonde too?! Super cute!! Congrats!!!

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He is very cute! I miss talking to you all Smile

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Aww what a cutie Wink thanks for sharing!

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Christina! Congrats! Nash is just beautiful! I am glad that all went so well! What does Rourke think of his new little brother??

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He is a cutie! Congrats!