Nervous for Tomorrow's Appt

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Nervous for Tomorrow's Appt

I know I shouldn't be, and I shouldn't have read so much online, but I'm really nervous about tomorrow's NT scan. I've read so much about false positives that I think I'm more worried about that than anything! Sad

Any positive vibes or advice or stories would be appreciated...

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You will be fine Smile Just after she measures be sure to ask the size because on the monitor it can look big. So don’t panic.. MY eyes were BIG when I saw it but it was only 1.7 Smile

New mommy too so I know a lot is going through your head right now.. *HaPPY thoughts*

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Try to just focus on the positive: you are going to get to see your little baby tomorrow and they are going to look like a real BABY this time! Honestly most of why I did the NT was because insurance paid for another look at the baby early on.

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Everything will be fine Amanda!!

Be excited Smile You get to see your LO cooking. lol

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Thanks ladies, I keep waffling between not worrying and then just a little doubt makes its way in my head! Grrrr!

Thanks for all your kind words! Smile