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Anyone else nesting? I never nested with my first one but I did with my second and it started sometime between 35 and 36 weeks. DH told me I'm starting to nest. I thought I might be but wasn't sure but after I told him my sad but kind of funny story it made me realize that he was probably right. Tuesday I had a tummy bug and every time I would puke and look into the toilet the thought of, "wow, I need to clean that" would go through my mind, as I was puking my guts out. lol. Probably TMI there sorry. But anyway I finally scrubbed my toilet this evening, just using the regular toilet brush and some ajax and it's totally not clean enough. I'm so going to need to go after it with a smaller scrubber and some rubber gloves. lol. I also NEED to scrubbed my tub and the tile grout with some ajax as well. I think the reason i'm having a freak out over the master bathroom is because, with me doing a home birth, there is a possibility I MIGHT give birth in there and I want it to be scrubbed clean. So far it's just one room at a time nesting but I know the closer I get the more and more I nest. Great part is I get a very clean house for a month. Smile

So anyone else doing this or am I alone?

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I think I have been nesting my entire pregnancy as far as my bathroom goes.. my grout is so white it glows, i cant let it go unscrubbed for more than a week Sad

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I have been cleaning like a mad woman all week Smile and finally making some baby preparations, like pulling out the carseat to wash. Biggrin