New to this board, and website!

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New to this board, and website!

When I started trying about 4 months ago I had downloaded the app what to expect, well the TTC board was great but literally 2 days into the Jan board there was TOO much drama! A woman freaking out because people were using "preggo" and then called a couple other women VERY nasty names! So I decided to leave and thankfully thinktink19 told me about this site and I've been reading alot of the posts and you women are a lot different then the other site so I decided to try this board! I hope you girls dont mind. Pregnant for the first time, I believe I'm about 5 weeks, had an U/S and showed a gestational sac only and my HCG was 700, I go back saturday to get HCG levels again!

Hopefully everyone here has a SUPER GLUE STICKY BABY!

thanks for listening,

Megan Yahoo

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Hi Megan and welcome Smile

Congrats on your pregnancy!

The ladies here are ace so hopefully you'll enjoy your stay.


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Hi Megan!! Congrats on your pregnancy, and welcome to the board! This is a great board, I think you'll really like it. We have a couple of other first time mammas here too...welcome!

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Hi Megan! Congrats on your pregnancy!

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Hi and welcome!!!! Congrats!!! Happy Healthy 9 Months to you!

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Welcome to the site Megan.

Congrats on your pregnancy. There are lots of boards here to check out when you have the time.

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Congrats and welcome ! Biggrin

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Welcome to the board, and congratulations!

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Yay! Glad you found your way over here!

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Congrats and welcome!! I think you'll like it here Biggrin

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Hi Megan! Welcome & congrats!!

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I love this website... I stumbled upon it when I was pregnant with my daughter and it changed everything! It's so great to have a support network and somewhere to bounce ideas off of women going through the same thing. My other birth board is filled with women with all different types of opinions, but we treat each other with respect and it's been pretty awesome. I can tell this board is off to a great start, and we hope you stick around. Smile

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Hi Megan - Congrats and welcome! I'm glad that you found your way over to us - I think this is a great bunch of ladies. Haha, I can't believe there was drama over the use of the word "preggo!" That sounds intense! Wink

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Thank you to everyone for the best wishes and welcome!!!! I can already tell that this is better!!!
Hope everyone here has a happy and healthy 8 months! ;P

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Hello and welcome! HH9M!