New here, and need help with name!

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New here, and need help with name!

I just found this board, and I'm so excited! I'm due 1/21/12, and the doctor told us he's pretty sure it's a girl this time. We have another sono next week, where we should be able to find out for certain. (He didn't say "100% sure", but "pretty sure"... That means I won't buy anything pink just yet, but I can at least pick out names!) We've decided on a first name of Harper, but I am having such a hard time with middle names! Any suggestions? Thank you all!

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Hi and welcome!

FYI: There is also a names board with lots of women who LOVE names and can be lots of help. Wink

That said, what types of names do you like for middle names...classic? Long or short? Different?

Harper Leigh
Harper Lyn
Harper Rose
Harper Grace
Harper Clementine

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"turtnjay" wrote:

Harper Leigh

How very literary!

Sorry, I'm of no help, but welcome!

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"turtnjay" wrote:

Harper Clementine

That made me hungry...

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Thank you so much ladies!! I have no idea what we're looking for just yet... I have a big jumble of long and short, new and classic, trendy and unique names. Narrowing down has been an issue. Smile I appreciate your help!

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My friends daughters name is Harper Ann, I like them together Smile

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Smile WELCOME Smile

How about..

Harper Rene
Harper Hope
Harper Marianna..

ok ran out.. Good Luck