New.. and intro.

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New.. and intro.

Hi ladies!

My name is Christy, and I am a SAHHM to 6 children (4 boys and 2 girls in that order).

We are expecting #7 on January 10th!

Everyone is very excited and we just announced to our children earlier this week. They are all happy and looking forward to having another sib.

I got my BFP at 8dpo, and now that I am 6 weeks I'm feeling the need for support from other preggo moms alike!

Back when I had my 2nd son in 2003 I was a mod for the Feb board.. That was forever ago! LOL I became such good friends, and had such a supported pregnancy with all my online pregnancy buddies!

I hope to get to know all of you, and please be patient as I try to figure out how to put up a siggy.. everything looks so different than it did back in 2003!


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Hi Christy, welcome!

Love large families! Just so you know, feel free to join the group of us on the large families board, too. Great bunch of women on there, too.

This is #5 for us but we have all boys.

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Congrats and welcome!!! HH9M

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Congrats!! HH9M!!! I love that you have such a big family!!! Smile We have large family board you should check out!

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Welcome Back!!!

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Congratulations and welcome to the board! Smile

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Welcome Christy ! Biggrin

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Hi Christy!!! Congratulations on #7 Smile

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Welcome, Christy and Congratulations on #7!! Yahoo

My DH and I have three girls and a boy and are due Jan. 17th with this one. Biggrin

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Welcome! Congrats on the new addition!

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Congrats and welcome!

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Hi Christy!

Welcome back and congratulations on your new pregnancy. Smile If you would like to either have your old username back or connect your old stats to this username instead, I can take care of that for you. Simply email me at [][/EMAIL] with the following information:

  • Old Username
  • New Username
  • Indicate which username you prefer to keep
  • Email address you wish to have associated with your account

I'll take care of that for you as soon as possible.

All the best!