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Last night I had the worst dream ever and it was so realistic.(warning possible TMI) I had a dream that I was sitting on the toilet using the bathroom and when I wiped the toilet paper was soaked with blood. I had miscarried the baby. I screamed and then woke up. My biggest fear this entire pregnancy is that I will miscarry. I never had this fear to this extent with either of my other two pregnancy's it's just this one for some reason. I just really REALLY hope that dream was just a dream and that this baby goes to full term.

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That's so scary - I hate dreams like that. I'm sure it was just crazy pg hormones messing with you.

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awwwww (HUGS)

I can understand how you feel but know it was only a dream hun.. Don't let it get u upset or really worried.. (everything is looking good so trust in that) I know easier said then done :confused:


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Craziest part is I haven't had any signs of any issues this pregnancy. Just a silly fear about miscarrying this time. I'm trying to not let it worry me, and it's really not, but the dream was a bit traumatizing. It felt more like re-living a memory than an actual dream maybe that's why I feel unsettled. So not worried but unsettled is how I would explain how i'm feeling.

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Oh what a nightmare, that's a scary one! I had one similar about a month back where I was miscarrying and I woke up crying it was awful, I think it's anxiety dreams.

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I'm sure it is anxiety, as I've almost been waiting for it to happen since I found out. Right now I'm feeling pretty confident in a good pregnancy with the fact that I don't feel like straying to far from a bathroom. Nothing is settling well on my tummy. So far I haven't actually had to use it but honestly right now I just wish I could. Sad

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:bighug: I'm sorry, that's gotta feel awful! I hope you don't have any more dreams like that one!

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that sucks that you had such a terrible dream. i think that all these crazy pg horomones really mess with our heads....i've been having wacked out dreams for the past month or so. like, weirder than usual. it can be really unsettling when you have such a realistic feeling dream...but it will pass in a day or two.