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No preference

Let's discuss.... Biggrin

Yes, I know "boy or girl, doesn't matter as long as it's healthy"....YES of course!


Do you have a preference? LOL Are you hoping for a boy? A girl? Reasons?

I am really hoping for a girl the next time I get pg, whether this month or not. I have a 7 year old boy, a 5 year old girl and an almost 3 year old boy. A girl would really round things out. It would also give my dd a sister, and even though I'm not sure we will stop at 4, if we have another boy, it is just that much farther apart the sisters would be in age--therefore less they have in common and playing together etc. My boys are 4 years apart, and they play ok together, better as the youngest grows and wants to play more cars and boy things with the oldest. Also--I really want to use my girl clothes again!! I am obsessive and have saved everything--all in clear plastic bins with printed labels: boys 0-6 month, girls 12-24 months, etc. And they are so cute! And lastly, we have a 3 bedroom house, and my boys share a room and the girls could share a room. It would be perfect! LOL

But, of course either way will be fine. Dh and I have talked about having 2 more children, 18 months apart to finish off our family. That way, neither will grow up "alone" and they'll always have a friend. We have seen even how much more alone our youngest is than our older 2. The older 2 are 20 months apart, the youngest is almost 3 years younger than our daughter. My older 2 are best friends, and the little one is usually just upsetting their games Sad I've actually always thought--twins would be the perfect way to finish off a family Smile They grow up together and no one gets left behind LOL But I have no twins in my family, so I have no hopes of that ROFL

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We really want a boy! I dont know if I can handle two teenage girls! Just thinking about that makes my hair stand on end lol I hoped and prayed for a boy the first time but had a girl who is just like me and my mother [who passed away and I swear my daughter is her clone]
As awful as it sounds I cried sad tears when I found out Kay was a girl. But then a few weeks later I was excited. I am not very girly so I was excited to let my girly side out and plan for a girl. But I had strict instuctions to aviod pink at all cost haha Which everyone ignored of course but I got her tons of girly unpink things.
I just think a boy this time will help my sanity in the long run and will even things out ratio wise (: But either way I will be happy

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Being 40 and having a heck of a time trying to keep my pg's longer than 6 wks, I really don't care.

But if push came to shove, I guess a boy would be nice. But DD keeps asking for a sister, and NO! to a baby brother LOL!!!

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There was a time, many years ago, that I thought I wanted a DD. I had 3 sons and told DH that I was done...mostly because I was going to school and working and taking care of them so I busy and tired. Later, when I graduated and was just working and being a mommy I told DH I was past the baby stage and 'since I wanted a daughter, and I knew I wasn't going to have one' I was very fulfilled.

Fast forward to having 3 teenage boys...I LOVE it! I love it so much, we decided to do it again. I wanted another boy, and was so scared about having a girl. My boys tell me about the girls at their school, or some of their friends who are girls and I cringe at the way they act, the way they dress. Oh my goodness...nope, I don't want to deal with that.

As for the next one, I hope it's healthy! I have been TTC for any months now so I don't really care... that said, when it does happen, I'll probably be scared of a girl, again!

BTW...identical twins can happen to anyone! There is no family history or genetics involved...just a thing of nature. So you could get your twins...but it's not all it's cracked up to be. My boys HATE being twins, mostly because we raised them to be individuals and they hate that people treat them like a pair. It just has it's own set of issues. Wink

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Well, I already have two girls so a boy would be a nice addition. My husband was whining for a boy for a while. He really wanted our second to be a boy. Now he's kind of changed his tune and said he's hoping for another girl LOL

I truly do just want another child and won't be disappointed either way. I do however have a name picked out for a boy. I have since I was a young girl and I haven't a clue what I would name another girl.

I'd still have to shop for a new baby no matter what gender since my mom (ever since she moved in) got rid of all my baby things because she said "You're not having any more anyways, just get rid of all this junk!" LOL If only she knew what we're up to now!

The girls both want a baby brother. They ask me all the time if I will have a baby brother for them or go get one at the baby store (that is what they call the adoption agency). As far as they know, mommy is not going to have any more babies right now!

LOL Holly! I love your plan, it's so sweet that you want them all to have each other.
If it makes you feel any better, I have four brothers, we are all very close even though we are ages apart. My oldest brother will be 50 this year, the next is 47, and the twins will be 39 this year. (I'm 30) Even though we are all so far apart in age and the twins didn't really want to play with me after they became older teens, once I hit 14/15 that all changed. Of course, my older brothers by then were more mature and loved being with me so it kind of evens out throughout the years. We are truly a bonded bunch! I talk to all four of them daily and I don't feel any less connected to them than they are to each other. I do agree with the entire not being alone thing. I can't imagine stopping at two kids because I can't imagine my children not having a sibling support system like mine. I always say 3 is the minimum for me, five was my ideal number, but if finances allow it, I'll raise as many as I can handle and I probably won't know how many that is till I see how things go with each addition.

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Well I'm not sure if we'll end up in Jan or not (I'm bf-ing and have no AF), but I would love a little girl for #3.

We have 2 boys who are 16 months apart and I'd like to be pg with #3 by DS2s first bday this August. I've always envisioned myself with a daughter, and was honestly a little disappointed after we found out the gender of each boy. I love my little men to pieces and am preparing myself now for the possibility that I may be a mom to only boys since the next baby we have will be our last, so if its not a girl then I'll never have one cuz DH will be getting snipped.

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We have a lot of boys in our family, so a girl would be nice. A boy would be nice too, though, because my older DS, Brandon, would have a brother. I loooove little boys. I haven't been around a lot of little girls. Either way, I will be happy.

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You know, that's what I really want.....twins. I think 3 would be ideal (even if it might make me go a bit crazy sometimes) but at my age and with my difficulties at the moment, twins would fit the bill perfectly for having 3 kids.....

I don't even care if it's 2 boys or 2 girls, as long as it's twins......

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LOL Yes, twins would be awesome, but if I had twins, I'd want identical twins Wink

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We only plan to have 2 children so I would like a girl. I would not be upset if I have another boy, though

And, yeah, twins can technically happen to anyone. My son was most likely a twin at the very beginning and I have no family history of twins either Smile

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I would love to have a little girl. My sister said to tell my DH to send girl sperm only. She thinks she wouldn't connect with a little boy but I think she's wrong. My DH has a son with his ex so he actually would like a little daddys girl. But lately I have been longing to have twins. A boy/girl set of twins would be so perfect. That way I wouldn't have to mess with Fertility drugs anymore and it would be like buying one and getting one for free hehehe!:rolleyes:

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I'd like to put in my request for twins as well. Biggrin With getting a late start, and really wanting to have 2, that would be perfect. Honestly I don't care one bit whether it is boys, girls or a mix. I'll take whatever I get very happily!

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hehe... I'll let you girls have the twins.. they scare me to death! As does having another girl... lol My dd is already showing signs of a little attitude and I'm freaked out. Boys are so much mellower.

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I don't want either- I want both!!
I equally want a boy and a girl!
I never thought I'd say that, because I'd always wanted a girl sooo badd!!!
But now I would love to have ANOTHER little sweet boy... but I also still have my dream of a girl!!
Twins wld be fun I agree- our friend is having twins- twin boys- and it's made me not want them as much... soo overwhelming!!! But the novelty of twins would be the best, two names, double the clothes, the "cuteness" but I dont want the reality of twins- TWO BABIES! ahh!!

My So/BF/whatever he may a twin, and i think its made him more prone to wanting just ONE kid... buttt he loves his brother so much and they are such opposites so I cant imagine not wanting his own son to have a sibling!!

In the ideal world, i'd take a boy next and then a little girl last.. Smile

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When I was younger I said I wanted a girl first and a boy second... only because my brother was such a d*ck to me growing up! I met my husband and he has such a good relationship with his younger sister than I realized it wasn't who came first that made the relationship, but the people. When I got pregnant I didn't really care what I had... although I think deep in my heart I wanted a girl. We found out we were having a girl and I was thrilled. This time I think I would love another girl, mainly because it's what I know and I have all the STUFF for a girl. A boy would make me happy as well, though. I always thought a boy would make my DH happy, but I think another girl would be okay with him too.... in the end he doesn't mind playing tea party and all that as long as he can still take her fishing.

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"lemonlemon" wrote:

Twins wld be fun I agree- our friend is having twins- twin boys- and it's made me not want them as much... soo overwhelming!!! But the novelty of twins would be the best, two names, double the clothes, the "cuteness" but I dont want the reality of twins- TWO BABIES! ahh!!

I think I'm the same. I would've liked to have twins maybe for my first or second pregnancies. Although I used to joke that since I wanted 4 kids but DH wouldn't go any higher than 3 that I'd have twins with my 3rd pg to get my way, so I'm sure it if really did happen he'd think I somehow did it on purpose Smile

We have 2 under 2 now and its a bit overwhelming at times, and we'll (hopefully) end up with 3 under 3, which'll be worse cuz then we'll be outnumbered, so I can't imagine twins and having 4 under 3 :eek:

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I'll take whatever I can get at this point

BUT if I 'could' choose, I'd probably pick a girl. I'm hoping by having a girl first it might soften up SO alittle bit more, so that's he's more affectionate and loving not only with me but with a daughter too. Right now, he's one of those "tough guys that never cries" and by having a little girl, I think that would change him alittle. Plus, we have a name already picked out for a girl, we can't agree on anything for a boy.

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Girl. We have 4 boys and 1 girl. She really needs a baby sister. Obviously, healthy is the #1 choice, but yeah, we are thinking pink! Either way, we are done at 6.

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Tyrant, you have such a beautiful family!