No Sight of Baby Yet

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No Sight of Baby Yet

I'm so discouraged. Just had what I had hoped would be my last OB appt....but there is just nothing going on. Dr has ordered one more sizing ultrasound for this Wed. Based on the findings there he will suggest either induction or schedule a c-section.

The baby is still very high and my cervix long and closed. The OB is concerned that baby isn't situating himself in the birth canal and theorizes that perhaps it's because he knows he's too big. I don't know what to think.

With any luck labor will start on its own before Wednesday.

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Sorry Sad We are still waiting around on a slow to move baby too. Was your first a c/s so you are trying for a vbac? Or would they just schedule a c/s because he is not in position? How big was your first?

At my 39 week appt baby's head was in my hip--so a bit diagonal. At my 40 week appt he was closer to centered, but still floating high so he could easily turn back out of position. But since baby was still high, was was still only about 50% effaced and 1 cm dilated. My dr has an induction in with the hospital for Thursday--go in on Wednesday for a balloon catheter to help me dilate in prep for the induction. I sure hope little guy makes his appearance before then!

Wishing us both some "come on labor" vibes! Smile

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My first was a perfectly uneventful vaginal birth....he was 8lbs 4oz. This one is estimated to be 10 lbs at this point hence all the concern. Dr is just worried that if he doesn't come soon we'll have to deal with a baby who will get shoulders stuck. I can't say I blame him as the baby's head is small and I read that can often cause problems in births of big babies. The small head gets through no problem and the larger shoulders get stuck.

Dr. doesn't want to start with an induction yet because my cervix is completely closed still and shows no sign of readiness. He says that this combined with the high baby makes induction more likely to fail.

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I am sending you labor vibes! I hope things get moving soon for you! Lots of labor vibes coming your way!

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Good luck to both of you! Sending you labor vibes!

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:bigarmhug: I hope both of your LO's decide to come soon. I know how tiring it can be when you are past your due date and just so anxious for baby to arrive. Hoping for some baby news from both of you soon !

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Thanks--yup, still nothing for me. How are you holding up Amber? My MIL arrives tonight so the kid can get moving ASAP! Smile

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Hang in there! My first THREE babies were all floating and I had a long closed cervix on my due dates. Honest. They all came within days on their own. Just hang in there. Your body knows how to do this.

BTW-- it is against ACOG guidelines to induce or section due to a suspected "large baby"-- a trial of labor is nearly always recommended. Especially for a mama who has proven an 8 lb 4 oz baby. Hang in there!!!!

If you are truly worried about shoulder dsytocia, the best way to prevent that is your pushing position. Try getting on all fours or squatting, both open you up much more than laying on your back. Good luck!

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Good luck the baby can't stay in there forever. I hope it is soon for you

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Hopefully all of you that are waiting get to hold your babies soon. I have read that if its not your first baby that its normal for the baby to not engage until just before labor begins (I was doing a lot of reading while waiting for Daniel).

Try not to worry about the weight so much, I was told that pushing out an 8 pounder the first time helped prep my body for the 10 pounder making for an easy delivery. But if the 10 pounder had come first my body may not have been able to do it. You might just be surprised by what your body can handle.