NT scan today

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NT scan today

So I talked with my dr and they called in to see if NT scan was ok with my insurance--I guess it is, so we're going for it. My appointment is in 2 hours Smile Hope to come back with good results--I'm still so nervous that I'll go in and the baby will have passed away (last time it was at my 12 week visit that baby had already died). I think after today, we will tell our kids (they don't know yet!) and the rest of our family. Then people will find out as they find out after that. So far only only our parents and a select few know. OH, and I'm 12 weeks today (or yesterday?)!

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Good luck! KUP!

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Good luck! So glad you get to have the scan!

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Good luck Holly! Can't wait to hear your results Smile

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Good luck - T&Ps for a great scan today!

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Good Luck! Hope you had a great visit!

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Hope everything went well. :bigarmhug: