NT scan tomorrow.. Yay

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NT scan tomorrow.. Yay

My wonderful OB office moved my NT scan a week early.. so we will be able to see our lil wiggling bb tomorrow Smile Very excited… I am posting this now because I let you mommas know each time before my appointment so I can get all the prayers and thoughts to ease my nerves.. Sooooooo this time is NO different Smile I really feel it helps me get through the day leading up to the actual appointment Smile

My high risk appointment will be two weeks later so I am getting spoiled with seeing our lil miracle almost every two weeks now.. It’s going to drive me crazy not seeing s/he for 4 weeks .. Boo.. But I am high risk so that makes everything a bit daunting.


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I'm glad you got moved up! Yahoo My T&P's are with you!

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Oh that's great! Good luck tomorrow, sending tons of T&P's your way Biggrin

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Thank you.. Thank you ladies


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Can't wait for the update!! I am so glad they got you in earlier and DH gets to go!

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Prayers are with you, have a great visit!

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This probably sounds stupid... but what is an NT scan?

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Have fun seeing your little one tomorrow!

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Praying everything goes well. :bigarmhug:

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Good luck today Roni!! Can't wait to hear how it went Smile

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What time is your appt?

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I'm praying for you!!!!

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Please see updated message Smile All went well so far

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"merickson" wrote:

This probably sounds stupid... but what is an NT scan?

What is nuchal translucency?
This is a collection of fluid under the skin at the back of a baby's neck. It can be measured using ultrasound when your baby is between 11 weeks and 13 weeks plus six days old. All babies have some fluid, but many babies with Down's syndrome have an increased amount.

A nuchal translucency (NT) ultrasound is a screening test which assesses whether your baby is likely to have Down's syndrome. A screening test can only estimate the risk of your baby having Down's, whereas a diagnostic test, such as CVS or amniocentesis will give you a definite diagnosis (but also carries a small risk of miscarriage).

Combining an NT scan with a blood test gives a more accurate result. The blood test measures the levels of the hormone free beta-hCG and a the protein PAPP-A. Babies with Down's syndrome tend to have high levels of hCG and low levels of PAPP-A.

When the NT ultrasound is combined with this blood test, the detection rate improves to about 90 per cent. This test is called the combined test. Read our article on screening for Down's syndrome to find out more about this and other screening tests.

The NT ultrasound can't tell for certain whether your baby is affected. However, it can help you decide whether or not to have a diagnostic test.

An NT measurement of up to 2mm is normal at about 11 weeks, and up to about 2.8mm by 13 weeks and six days. The NT normally grows in proportion with your baby


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