NT Scan went great!

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NT Scan went great!

I have to run to a conference call real quick, but everything went perfect! The NT scan was 1.8, well within normal, nasal bones were present, and I'll know the blood test results in a few days. Baby was dancing around and DH and I were ecstatic!

This is a crappy picture from my phone, my DH took the pics to my parents to show them, I'll have to scan them later. Thanks for all the well wishes ladies! Yahoo
Oh! And the best part!? My doc is going to sneak me in early on Sept 2 for an "off the record" gender u/s!!! Yay!!!

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Yay for a great scan and AWESOME doc for sneaking you in early!!!

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Glad the NT went well! Yay for a gender scan!

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So glad things were all so positive!! You must be floating on air right now. Smile


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Yay for a great NT Scan!

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Oh that is so wonderful Smile Ur lil one looks very cozy Smile

I can't wait to see the other pics!!

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Congrats on a great NT scan!!! It is always a relief to see baby Smile

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Congrats on a great scan- lucky you that he can sneak you in for gender u/s Biggrin We have one big radiology and u/s place here and it takes forever to get you in unless its an emergency.

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Thanks so much ladies! DH and I were so excited to see our LO! It was crazy, he was dancing all over the place! (LO, not DH, hehe!). And yes I LOVE my doctor, he is so amazing. I can't wait for September 2nd to see what we're having!!! Yahoo

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Congrats Amanda. Biggrin