OB Doc called yesterday.. Finally

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OB Doc called yesterday.. Finally

only took them since last Wednesday to get back with me but at least the doctor called me back not a nurse Smile

I am so confused because what the fetal doc told me is different then what my OB doc is saying as far as my measurement of my cervix. SO without argument I just went along with her but it is still confusing one is saying one measurement and the other is saying something different. I felt like saying do you have the correct person but she assured me that she is looking at the past 3 reports and for me not to worry. So I am not.. at least not about that.. I will have a vent post coming about something else.. Sad

No need to reply but I just wanted to give u mommies an update Smile

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Glad to hear the dr. isn't concerned. Still follow your gut instinct though and try to talk to your high risk dr. if you feel something isn't right.

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It sounds like things are okay, which must be such a relief for you. At the same time, I think you deserve to know exactly what is going on for your own peace of mind. Can you demand that they explain the numbers to you?

Though, if you really feel like just letting it go because it's getting too frustrating dealing with them, I totally understand. I've done that before; decided to trust them even though the info is confusing. Sometimes the hassle isn't worth it, especially when the news appears to be good.

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As for the numbers she is going by what the report says and I was just going by what they tell me while I am there. I will for now on write it down so there is no question to what they say Smile it is nerve racking to say the least

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Whatever the numbers, I just wanted to say that I am so excited for you & your DH!!

Being pregnant & having a LO is amazing. You are going to love it & be great at it. It's unlike anything ever!!