:-( OB office just called

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:-( OB office just called

Well my Ob office just called about my U/S results from last week Sad not sure what took them so long. I thought they were calling me about bloodwork so of course I am pretty scared at the moment.

The nurse said that it did show cervical change when applied pressure. Oh I am freaking out Sad what they did was vaginal scan with out pressing on my tummy & then pressed on it. My cervical length did changed just a little Sad I am so worried cause just by pressing down are u kidding me.. Imagine as my lil one grows. I don't think it should do that at all Sad she wants me to get another U/S in 3 weeks.. Wow 3 weeks to see if changes.. Thank goodness I have my fetal doctor appointment on Monday. I really am going to ask about getting a cercloge done. I have had a little bit of pain deep down every so often so she said to rest my pelvic all weekend Sad everything has been going so good but now I am very scared.. Am I over thinking this ?? She did say it changed just a little. I don't know what to think right now :(. I was just starting to let all my feelings show & be excited & start planning. This can't be happening again Cray 2

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Try not to fret too much right now. It only changed a little. Did she tell you how it changed? Did it return after pressure was stopped? Did she say what thus means to you?

The cervix actually has a lot of room for change through out pregnancy. Little change us probably nothing right now but I agree with pelvic rest, no DTD or exercise, and on Monday, talk to the doc your seeing about the cerclage.

You may also want to make sure that doc has the results of the us so he/she can review them. Don't forget, you are your biggest advocate. If something seems wring or you have questions, ask away. It's their duty to take care of you and make sure you know and understand your situation.

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I'm sorry that this is so stressful for you. I hope your Monday appt sheds some light on what is going on. I agree with Christina - you are your biggest advocate - you have to be the one to stay vocal and maybe insist on the cerclage.

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Oh Roni, I am sorry you are going through this.

I think it is very positive that you received a call though. That means they are on top of it & paying attention to it. They are running tests & will continue to do so.

Take comfort in the fact that you have an appt Monday, but really, I think if they thought it was that big of a problem, or that much of an emergency your ob wouldn't have scheduled you for 3 weeks from now.

I am definitely not a doctor, but I am thinking things must be fine. These are people that specifically deal w/ pregnant women & complications that come w/ pregnancy.

**hugs girl**

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Grrrr....things were going so well. I'm sorry to hear you have this concern right now. I hope it turns out to be completely manageable.

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:bigarmhug: Praying for you Hon and hoping your appt. on Monday gives you some more concrete answers.

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I'm sorry you are going through this...Make sure to rest this weekend and I hope the dr can give you more information on Monday. Keep us posted!

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Oh man, how stressful. I'm sorry, Roni!

What is the time limit on the preventative cerclage? When is the last point that they can put it in?

It seems to me that you need more information. Specifically, why are they not doing a cerclage now, and what do they intend to do if there is a greater problem in 3 weeks? Can they prevent it then? And, what is the harm in getting one now?

I'm sorry you're going through this; no one should be leaving you in the dark after what happened last time.

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Thank u ladies for the support & caring words. The time limit to have this done is over the next few weeks. When I called the high risk doc a few weeks back they said they don't do the
procedure until your at least 15 plus weeks. So I think my Ob is waiting to hear what the hr doc says.. My Ob did send all my records to them & I am going to make sure they pull my records from my visit 5 years ago. (same high risk doctor)

I am trying not to stress out. Trully I am its just I though the u/s looked ok as I was told that while I was there. Sad atleast my Ob is on top of everything Wink & I get to see the little one Monday & another not much longer after that Wink I just want everything to go super normal this time Wink I'll do some research on it when I get back to work.

(hugs everyone)
boy this is hard via cell phone

Christian: it shorten & didn't go back
the U/S tech did say the cervix changes alot

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So sorry to hear that your cervix is causing issues Roni. I hope the specialist can give some solid advice on what to do to keep baby healthy. :bigarmhug: