OB visit yesterday :)

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OB visit yesterday :)

Hi Mommas Smile

Hope all is well with everyone Smile

I had my Ob visit yesterday Smile We got to hear Landon’s heartbeat.. (156.. lowest it has ever been so maybe the wise tail about lower heartbeats is correct? As all the other silly test were WRONG)

We discuss test results from blood work / pap and talk further about the cerclage procedure. She told me that there is a limit on when they prefer them to be done. (15 weeks to 26 weeks after that they will not do them) So I will be able to see the lil man every two weeks until then.. yayyyy

My doctor basically told to just go with my feelings on my decision but everything at this point looks great. So of course we are still going to wait a little longer because what happen to me before doesn’t exactly fit the cervix failure scenario. Usually when a women’s cervix fails it just opens and the baby delivers without much delay and without pain. (which didn’t happen for me and my two lil angels. I truly hope that they will not have to do this procedure at all Smile They are planning to start me on progesterone shots once a week *ouch* This will help maintain the cervix but this cannot be done until I am 16 weeks.
Well I just wanted to give you all a updated Smile

P.S. this was the first visit that I have had that I felt like a normal prego mommy Smile usually always something major going on... feeling a bit blessed at the moment


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Glad it was a nice normal apt Smile I love the name Landon btw.

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Both my boys HR dropped into the low 150's upper 140's by 14 weeks. I totally agree with that old wives tale. With exception of my DH. His was 160's until the day he was born. He still has a higher HR than most guys.

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Yeah for a good appt! Lucky you get to see baby every 2 weeks Smile

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That's great news.

Sorry about the PIO shots - they suck! I had to take them with my IVF cycles and so if you need any tips on how to make it less painful let me know.

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Thanks everyone Smile I am just feeling so blessed right now and every happy.. YAY I am finally ME again.. no more stressing.. (well that is what my doc said so I am going to try)

"Jenn0113" wrote:

That's great news.
Sorry about the PIO shots - they suck! I had to take them with my IVF cycles and so if you need any tips on how to make it less painful let me know.

Well I have had many years’ experience with those injections.. (OUCH) THANK you though Smile

This time they actually have a nurse that comes to your home.. Thank goodness it is once a week this time Smile I was just hoping that since this was a natural pregnancy that just maybe I wouldn’t have to take that yucky stuff.. Sad (IVF 3 times and one frozen Embryo transfer.. $$$$)

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Love the name Landon!

I'm glad your appointment went well! Enjoy your "normal" pregnancy Smile

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Glad your appointment went well! And I'm glad they will be watching you so closely!

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Sorry about the PIO shots but glad they are only once a week. Happy to hear your little boy is doing well.

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Woot!! Great to hear you are feeling so normal!

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Yay for a good appointment! So glad you are feeling better.

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So happy that everything is going well. I love the name you picked out. Biggrin

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Yay for your appointment! Sorry about the injections.

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Thank U all BUNCHES Smile

Happy friday!!! Wink