Okkatots on BabySteals!

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Okkatots on BabySteals!

I have been looking at this Okkatots carrier for a while now and completely planned on getting it for this baby (and Maya Sling).

Low and behold, it's on Baby Steals today!! $49 rather that $99. Jumped on it...though early buying does make me a bit nervous, oh well. It's done and this LO better come right along and LOVE it!

We tried the Ergo with DS#4 but he just does NOT care for it. Plus, it puts a bit too much pressure on the tummy after my C/S so I'm not going to stress myself to try it again with this LO.

Guess I'm going to have to try to sell it...joy!

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Sell your Ergo... hmmmm let me know when you plan to do that Wink

I'm going to check out the Okkatots carrier.. never heard of that. I've used wraps for my last 2, but I'm looking for something a bit less time consuming for public places.

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Nice, good job on catching it on sale!

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Yeah for sales!!!! If you want to sell your ergo, we are in the market for one, although I'm hoping to get one used for a good price (hint, hint!)