OMG! Got my BFP!! :)

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OMG! Got my BFP!! :)

I'm actually VERY shocked I'm here! I took a test last week and this weekend and both were negative. I honestly thought I'd calculated my cycle wrong and that I was off on the day I expected AF to show up. I was thinking AF should have shown up Monday or Tuesday. I've hardly had the first symptom. One breast was a little sore, but not to the touch and I've felt a little bloated, but thats nothing abnormal.

Anyway, when AF didn't show up this morning (morning is her normal time to appear), I decided to grab a test. And....

AHHHHHH!!!!!! So exciting!! DH is as shocked as I am. My due date will be January 2.


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Yay! Congrats!

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Those are GORGEOUS lines! Congratulations!

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Congrats!!!! HH9M!!!!!

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Congrats! HH9M to you!

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Super great surprise...congrats!

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Whoo hoo! Yay!! (: Super exciting!

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:pileon: Wow, what a nice set of lines!! Congrats and HH9M!

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Congrats ! Yahoo

So fun to see all the BFP's rolling in. We need to get this board hopping ! Biggrin

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Congratulations and HH9Ms!

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Congrats!! Thats nice and dark!!
Maybe you ovulated a little late?!

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Thanks girls! I am still so shocked. I POAS once more just to be sure and got the same outcome. Yay! I'm going to be seeing all of my best girlfriends this weekend, so now its just a matter of containing my excitement. :rolleyes:

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Congrats and welcome to January! And dang, those are some STONG lines!

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Pretty lines! Go post 'em on the DYSAL board for all the lurkers to give you their congrats too!!!

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