OT: Adventures in babysitting from a Mom's POV

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OT: Adventures in babysitting from a Mom's POV

Dh and I just got home from a mandatory awards banquet at the university where he teaches. Blah... mega boring. Anyway, the babysitter was recapping her evening and warned us that dd's back is all scratched up from a fall on the swing set. She said she didn't notice it until she was changing her into jammies. In typical tom boy fashion my dd looked at her after the fall and said, "Oops! Let's try that again." :eek:Poor Maddie(the sitter). She wasn't prepared for my little dare devil. Should have guessed from the missing front tooth(knocked out while at church, for crying out loud!)

I can't say I'm surprised. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I was forever sporting skinned knees, elbows, black eyes, broken tooth, etc as a kid. The only thing she won't be doing is falling out of trees since ours are all saplings.

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Oh my gosh! She sounds like me as a kid. Smile It is nothing short of a miracle of God that my son has made it four and a half years without a major injury... lol Smile

She sounds like a trooper! (and I love her name!)