OT - How cute is this?

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OT - How cute is this?

My MIL made this cake for T's birthday party today (he turned 3 on Thursday). She is an awesome home baker, and I think that for a non-professional cake it turned out super cute.

I helped a little (the blue dots around the border and some of the red in the dinosaur are all me. LOL) Dots are like the limit of my icing skills.

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PS - In case anyone is wondering why there are so many candles on a cake for a 3 year old, that is a tradition in DH's family. They always put on an extra 4. It's like "One to grow on, one for good luck, one for...something else (can't remember) and an extra one just for good measure."

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So cute, she did a great job. I'd love her icing skills.

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Cute! I bet he loved it! Happy birthday, T!

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That's adorable, happy bday to your little man!!!

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That is a very good cake. You are lucky your mom can make one as nice as that. My mom used to do some cake decorating, but she has pretty much forgotten how to do it because she hasn't done it in so long.

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Really cute cake Alissa! I did wonder why there were soo many candles...lol. My son turns 3 as well this coming Friday! They grow up way too fast Sad

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Great job--such a cute cake! We have lot of 3 yo siblings on the board Smile my ds turns 3 at the end of July. Smile