Our update and a pic... more to come with birth story.

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Our update and a pic... more to come with birth story.

I still need to write up my birth story but here is an update on us. Smile We are doing well! I feel great and I did get my home birth like I wanted. After explaining how my contractions were to my midwife she decided it would be best to see what they could do to get my labor going. So they did a few things one of which was actually breaking my water as I was already dilated to a 5. That was around 10:30 pm that they broke my water. Labor almost immediately picked right up and took off. By 12am I was pushing. Labor was just over 2 hours from start to finish and I had a lot of hip pressure. Lukus came out posterior. I ended up with 1 surface second degree tear and a few others that only required 1 stitch. My second degree tear was down my old episiotomy scar. I figured I tore when my midwife told me he came out posterior. Turns out it was a good thing I had the midwives encourage labor, the placenta was calcifying.

We are struggling a little with the nursing. I am having to use a shield since he can't seem to get a latch on me directly but it is slowly improving. I am using some doner milk to supplement with until mine comes in. We don't want him too loose to much weight and he is already down to 4#10oz. So we really REALLY don't want him to loose anymore. He is stubborn though and he only wants to eat when HE is ready.

As for me, I am on 3 weeks of bedrest, laying as flat as I can except for potty and nursing and eating. My Uterus is trying to prolapse on me. Other than that I feel great and just wish I could get up and move around more. I would much rather heal from a tear than an episiotomy as well. It is far less painful and I have actually had far less swelling as well.

So prayers for me that my uterus goes back and prayers for Lukus that he will starting nursing well and gaining weight.

Here is my cute little boy.

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What a cutie!! Sending prayers your way!

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He is adorable! Hope things get back to normal and he starts nursing well for you.

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Such a cutie! Sending prayers your way!

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So glad you got your home birth! He is a cutie!

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he is cute...congrats!!