Painful Braxton Hicks

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Painful Braxton Hicks

The last week or so I have been having a nice amount of braxton hicks. But they can be very painful and mostly around the belly button area where the mesh from the surgery is. I remember will my last son I had them but I don't really remember how painful they were. They do go away but man ouch!

Anyone else having painful ones? I know my body is just getting ready! I am excited about that but wonder if labor will be different this time since I had the surgery.

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I've definitely had some that take my breath away. I wouldn't say they hurt but they do cause me to breathe differently and stop me in my tracks. Mine are either down low or whole belly, though. I wonder if the surgery site makes yours more noticeable because of the scar tissue reaction. Hmmm.

I wonder if things will be different for you, too. I just hope Carolina keeps baking for a while so you guys don't have any more worries. Although, I know you'll be worried about the surgery site I also know we moms would prefer the bad things happen to us rather than our babies.

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Mine get the same way. Some I find I breathe differently with and they usually spread across my whole lower belly.

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They are across my whole belly like a normal braxton hick but they are more severe right around the belly button area.

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I am getting them a lot lately and they are getting quite uncomfortable, a little painful at times. it's more painful at the top of my belly and sometimes the bottom. Never really got them with my other 2. Only 15 more days to go and it will be different pain i will have to recover from.

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I thought if they were painful, they're not considered braxton hicks anymore... Doesnt that mean they're real?

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"lysa_v" wrote:

I thought if they were painful, they're not considered braxton hicks anymore... Doesnt that mean they're real?

No - BH can be painful. Yesterday at my OB's office I was in tears with one and he said it was just BH.

Mine feel like AF cramps and they make me stop what I am doing and breathe through them. But they usually only come one at a time and without more than one usually.

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It wouldn't surprise me if the surgery scare tissue is causing the pain. I have scare tissue from several years ago in my left groin area from hernia surgery and I still deal with pain in that especially if the LO is in my left hip when I go into a contraction.

If it's your whole belly hardening up with the contraction it's probably more than just BH now. You very well could be having latent labor. Slightly stronger contractions the BH contractions but still only practice/toning contractions. I know I have started mine. My whole entire belly goes hard, even around my belly button but I know it's not the real deal contractions, they get your attention and can be slightly painful.

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"lysa_v" wrote:

I thought if they were painful, they're not considered braxton hicks anymore... Doesnt that mean they're real?

BH's are generally not painful although they can be. Usually its just a tightening of the muscles. The most important distinction is that they don't cause cervical changes. I think once they are causing cervical changes its no longer a BH. At least that is my understanding!

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My BH take my breath away and I feel like I need to breath more deeply. I am getting 3 or so a day right now.

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BH can hurt or they don't it depends I guess. I go on Tuesday for a cervical check so we will see if the bh are doing anything.