Phineas is here

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Phineas is here

Long story short (since I'm typing from my phone) my midwife called me before noon on Thursday to let me know that my liver enzymes came back really high (she had drawn some blood b/c I had an abnormally high BP at Wednesday's appt) so she was having me be admitted to the hospital for pre-eclampsia. Of course, not what I expected b/c he was early & house was not in order and I had planned to go to birth center. So I had good cry about that then got my wits about me & checked in just before 1pm. I still got my non pain medication, non pitocin birth (I was already 4cm dilated & fully effaced when I arrived w/o knowing it) and the RN was pretty supportive about letting me move around while in early labor. I guess I did get some pitocin b/c my placenta was taking longer to deliver & they were concerned for bleeding. I will probably be in hospital until Sunday until my liver enzymes & BP come back down. Meanwhile he seems to be thriving...eating well though he is not letting me get much sleep b/c he prefers to sleep right against me skin to skin in bed.

He arrived shortly before 7pm on Dec 15. He is 6lbs 11oz & 19".

I'll try to write more when I have a chance.

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Another Jan baby!!! AHHH!!! Smile I love his name!! Congrats! I am sorry everything went so fast. I am glad he is healthy and you 2 are doing well. Can't wait to hear some pictures!!!

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Congrats! Love his name. Look forward to seeing pics of your little man.

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Congrats!!!! Our second Jan baby!! Cant wait to see the little guy.

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awwww I am so happy that all went well Smile I can not wait to see pics of the little guy Smile

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Congrats! Glad to hear all went well & looking forward to some pics!

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Congrats! Great name!

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CONGRATS Christina ! Can't wait to see pics of your little cutie. Smile I had pre-e with my first and had to be kept longer as well. Hope things get back to normal quickly so you can go home sooner. :bigarmhug:

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Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! My babies always want to sleep skin to skin and I just adore it. Hope you can find a way to get some rest.

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Ooo Congrats!! Sorry it wasnt ideal but I am happy to hear you and babe are doing well (: I love his name.

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Congratulations on Phineas. Great name! I hope you both are able to rest and recovery.

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Congratulations!!!! Welcome to the world Phineas. It sounds like he was ready to come and your body was ready too. I'm so glad you got your drug free natural birth like you wanted, even though it was in a hospital.

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Congratulations Christina!! Welcome to the world Phineas.

Sorry it didn't go as planned, but congratulations on him being so healthy.

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Congrats!!! Sorry the birth wasn't quite what you had hoped for...but I'm betting that the baby is. Can't wait to see photos.

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Congrats!! Looks like Jan may follow december thread- a lot ended up with nov babies!

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Congratulations, Christina! Our boys have the same birthday!

Phineas is such a great name. And it sounds like you lucked out with that nurse; I'm glad that you were able to follow such a large part of your birth plan. Yay for a healthy, happy boy!

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Wow! Unexpected, but I'm glad you both are healthy and safe! Congrats! Great name!

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