Pics and Short Birth Story

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Pics and Short Birth Story

I went in on 1/24/12 for my scheduled C-Section. I had been having contractions off and on since the day before. My contractions were about 2 minutes apart by 5:00 AM when I had to be at the hospital. I was waiting to see my doctor to see if I could have a VBAC when my ex showed up at the hospital. I didn't have faith in my self anymore and got too stressed by his presence. I decided to go ahead with the C-Section. Sad

Flynn Carter arrived at 9:17 AM. My surgery was not as bad as the first one. I knew what to expect and my doctor was cracking jokes to make me feel better. He knew about my baby daddy drama. The recovery hasn't been too bad either. My parents left yesterday so it is kind of hard to take care of a newborn and a 4 year old by myself but I'm making it!

I still haven't uploaded my pictures to my computer so the only pics I have are from my phone. Flynn has a full head of hair and I'm just in love with him!

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Congrats on your little man! He is just a doll!!! I love his hair!! His big sister looks so proud!

Does she like to help you a lot? Don't let baby daddy drama get you down! Enjoy that prince! Sending hugs and positive thoughts!

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Congratulations! What a cutie!!!

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He is beautiful and I hope your recovery goes well. Sorry about your ex showing up Sad Flynn has so much hair!!!

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Congratulations!!! I can't believe how much hair he has!!

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So his hair

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What a sweetie ! Congrats again ! Your children are beautiful. Biggrin