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Picture thread

Show us you, your DH and any children you have. Instead of bellies - let's see faces. Smile

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How sad is this...the most recent picture I can find is from Sept or Dec. WOW. I'm usually snapping pictures with my phone so I'm not in any.

I hate how I am smiling - it was so hot and so bright outside that it was a lousy time for pictures. This was last Sept - DS was 22 months:

This was Dec 08 - DS was 7 weeks:

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Here's me and my DH

Here are my boys taking a bubble bath

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What cute families you have!!!!

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Kridda I can't see yours so I will comment when I get home.

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Here is my little family...Taken December 2010

IMG_2854_pp 3 WEB by amberbella, on Flickr

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Here is my lil Family Smile

Our Surprise Baby Smile

Teddy (doggy) and Alex (kitty)

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Such cute family's!!!

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Great looking families!

This is the one I could find the fastest from last Thanksgiving. Nicholas hates having his photo taken if you can't tell LOL

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These are the ones I have in my phone....they are old, of course.

This is the only one of the girls where they both had their eyes open. This is from this past winter. They look SO much older (& more like beach bums) now, especially Phoenix.

This is Ed & I on Halloween. Not very tasteful I know, but I have to admit it is one of my favorite pics of us. It really shows our personalities & our chemistry. We hadn't even gotten together at this point. He had just spilled beer on my leg & I was complaining. This was his reaction.....

You can click on the pics to make them larger....

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"lesleynka" wrote:

You can click on the pics to make them larger....

Lesley, you look like Lili Taylor! Do people tell you that?


Love all these pictures, I'm envious of the red hair and curly hair.

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No, I've actually never gotten that, but I LOVE her & her movies (Mystic Pizza, Say Anything, etc) so I'll take that. Thanks Jenn!

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Sorry if they are big...

DH and I

DS and Step son and daughter Smile

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What handsome Families!!!

Here we are

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Fun! I'll play!

Here is my most recent family pic--taken after my sil's wedding in May.

And a few fun ones from the spring:

ds2 (weston) and I at the zoo:

ds1 (joseph) holding a bird at the zoo (ds2 in the background)

dd (kaitlyn) holding a garter snake we found in our yard:

And my siggy pic is from Easter.

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Seriously cute families!!

I'll get some up once I finally get to a computer, not even gonna try on my phone! Smile

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We have a few redheads on our board. Wink Lovely families!

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I'll join in finally - I was being lazy and not getting pics off of my phone!

Here is DH and I - 12 years married in August!

We're expecting #1, but we have our little zoo...

The oldest is Noah:

Our middle girl, Adia:

And the definitely "baby," Titus:

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Gosh... I also realized that we need more pics together. I only have one of myself in this computer, but will try to find at least one of the two of us in my camera... hehe

This is me... photo taken last December here in Brazil.

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Very nice to see everyone's family- i will share a few of my family and one of my newfoundland Sulley.

ok my family pics i resized but they are posting huge- no idea how to fix so for now i will just share the pics of my daughter zoe and my newfie

My daughter Zoe- Our hobby together is to show dogs, we started in August of 2009 helping a friend show her dachshunds. My daughter loves it and has done a wonderful job. She was in provincials this year and won reserve overall!! so proud of her- and she looks way older than she is---yikes

and last one of my newfie puppy Sulley - he is currently 19 months. Squinting at the sun, winter is his fav season as he gets to chill out in the snow!

sorry so many but had to share Biggrin

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Finally getting to a computer! I have absolutely no pictures of SO and myself. I'm always behind the camera.

Here is my daughter Amaya

Taken with my phone so not such a great picture. Here is Amaya, Sugar (my dog and 1st baby) and me at the beach.

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I finally got some pics loaded up!

These are from a family shoot we did May 1st, 2011. It was 1 day after I got my BFP!

All my boys!

Playing Rourke-ball!

Me and the hubs!

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Christina!! Ohhh myyy you make some verrry attractive boys!! I was leaning towards you having a girl but now I'm 100% sure you're meant for boys!!! LOVE the Rourke ball!! They look like they enjoy being big brothers!! Loveee it!!

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Awww, thanks Cait! I'm a boy momma!! Wink And though I'm probably biased, I think my boys are quite beautiful, too.

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Awww loving all the pictures, I'll try to get some up this week, I don't have many on this new computer but have a few of me and DH, none together though.

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Here are some pictures of me and DH, and just me with pigtails cause im a weirdo lol and then me and my two very best friends on 4th of july and me and my friend christina who is AMAZING and is more like an older sister to me. And me as a little girl on the harley with my sister and dad. and just my cute dh

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Everyone looks SO cute. I need to start taking pics =/ especially now that I'm pregnant & w/ a different man. This baby is going to have a brother I don't even have ANY pics of yet. YIKES...better get going.