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Positive Thoughts

I could use positive thoughts and prayers. I have been doing my internship in EArly childhood education since August. I will complete my internship on Dec 2 and then start looking for a long term sub job for the rest of the school year.

Today I found out that a teacher at the school I'm at is retiring on Dec 16th (the start of winter break). So I would start when school goes back in session Jan 5th. The principal has been known to hire teachers who are pregnant knowing they are taking maternity. So when I talk to him and tell him I'll be taking 2-3 weeks off to go to south florida and to bond with our baby I'm hoping he'd still hire me. This job would be perfect and give me a perfect "in" to get a full time job for the next school year.

Please pray and think positive thoughts that I can get this job. It would be a total godsend.

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Sending lots of thoughts and prayers! I hope you get the job and that he understands the situation you are in :)!!!

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Hope it works out for you! Sounds like a great opportunity! BTW, thats my degree Smile

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Positive thoughts coming your way

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Sending thoughts and prayers your way!

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I hope you get the job! Hoping they are understanding to your situation!

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T&P's and everything crossed! Smile