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QOTD - Monday

What do you do for a living? Biggrin

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I am a SAHM. But I used to work as an Employee Relations Specialist for Customs and Border Protection before I had kiddos. One day I plan to go back to school to get my Masters of Social Work degree and work with either military members or in a hospice facility. Smile

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I am mostly a SAHM, except that I am still working for my company on Saturdays to help them out until December. I work as a microbiologist for a pharmaceutical company. Its not exactly what I wanted to do with my biology degree (I wanted to do cancer research) but it can be interesting at times. I am happy that I get to be a SAHM even on Saturdays starting in December.

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I'm a SAHM. My job is too keep a couple little boys fed, rested, house cleaned, boys entertained, cook meals, and please my husband. Wink Not the easiest job out there but the most rewarding one!

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I'm a SAHM, too. I do have a small baking company. Where I make all kinds of desserts and a lot of decorated cakes. It has taken a back seat as this LO seems to have sucked all my motivation and inspiration out of me.

Before I started my own co. and became a SAHM I worked in a very popular bakery here in town and before that I worked in underwriting (I got my BS in business admin/finance).

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I am a business and planning officer in the Federal Government....quite repetive but sometimes it can be interesting! I do however sometimes wish that I could be a SAHM because I am having a hard time balancing life between work and home.

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I work for a non-profit.

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Since i moved back to St Louis I have been a SAHM. Kinda wish to be working but on the other hand it's nice to be home even though my son drives me bananas

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I'm a chemist at a pharmaceutical company.

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I do copy editing/advertising for a mom & pop shop that distributes to car dealerships. I make advertising flyers & company catalogs.

It is very dull & I wish I was doing PR or media relations/journalism, but the economy had other ideas. I was very lucky to get this job & there are many benefits to not working for a large corporation.

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I work at the corporate offices for a mid-size broadcast television group. I actually started out working for one of their stations while I lived in Abilene. A few years ago the group began an "eMedia" division, which focuses on web. I work in that division now supporting product design and development for our 35 sites.

The nice thing is that when the time comes that I need to, I can work from home! Wink

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I teach/lecture History at a (very) small university. I love the work, but it's sometimes hard to come by, and I never know if I'll be offered more courses the next semester. Sadly, I had to turn down an offer for the fall--the courses end in late December, and I couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't go into labour before everything was finished up. And since I'm currently on summer vacation, I've got nothing to do until the baby comes, so I'm quite bored...

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"clio" wrote:

I'm currently on summer vacation, I've got nothing to do until the baby comes, so I'm quite bored...

are you kidding? enjoy that boring time. it will be all gone when the baby gets here! I wish i could be bored.

Read all you can, start sewing, make a rubberband ball......anything, just so you enjoy it before it's gone.

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I spend all my husband's money like a good wife should. Lol

I'm a SAHM, which is beneficial in the summer since Things 1 and 2 are home all day (actually, right now they're at the local rec center for drop in time and I need to go pick them up in an hour). During the school year - until I have the Noob, anyways - I just sit around the house and kill time. Sometimes I knit, spin, or weave to pass the time, but I know once Thing 3 comes around I'm going to have no time at all for that, LOL.

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I'm a SAHM right now but before I was an administrative assistant.. I've always done either some sort of retail or office work.

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Another SAHM mom here Smile I do own a small online business making eye patches for kids with lazy eye, but it does not take up too much of my time. This year has been a crazy one as far as schedule--as ds1 was in full-day 1st grade and dd was in half-day Kindergarten. But I only have 2 more weeks of school and next year they will both be in school full-day. So I'll have some nice time with just my 3 yo at home (he is almost 3) before baby comes.

In a previous life though, I was an early childhood ed teacher Smile Someday I may use my degree again, though I have not kept up on my certification.

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I am a SAHM. I homeschool my 6 children, and I also take care of my sister's 3 daughters while she is at work. (she's a single mom). 2 of my sisters 3 children go to the local public school, the other one is too young for school. So I really only have 7 children here on most normal days.

My husband and I also own a Mobile Drug Testing Business, which keeps us on our toes since we get calls at all hours Beee

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I am a molecular biologist/biochemist at a pharmaceutical company. I am also ALMOST done with a PhD in Pharmacology (part time). So full-time job, part-time PhD (and Supermom to DD, Superwife to DH, etc).