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Question: MS

So I've been griping about having bad nausea for the last 2-3 weeks...when suddenly it seems like it's stopped now! I hit 8 weeks yesterday, and last night I actually started craving food again. I woke up fine this morning and have felt pretty good all day, just really sleepy. So I guess my question for my Jan friends who are ahead of me, or BTDT that moms...when your MS finally stopped, was it an all of a sudden thing? It seemed like it was the worst this last Wednesday and Thursday, and then yesterday afternoon it just quit.

And of course after all my griping of it...a tiny part of me wonders if I should worry that its gone :confused:

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I found that it would suddenly go away for a day or two, and then just as suddenly come right back. So it may not be over yet.

It seems to commonly come and go at random for many women, so I wouldn't worry. Are your other symptoms still there?

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Yep, I agree with on day, gone next, right back the very next.

I've been lucky this time around and not had much MS but early on I had no appetite. But I would wake up one day and be starving and then the next I was right back to eating nothing through the day.

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Thanks ladies, glad to see it's "normal." Eva - yes all my other symptoms are here, so I wasn't too worried.

That does suck to hear that it'll probably be back though! :/

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Posts: 1831 8 weeks it will most likely be back. Enjoy the short break from it.

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I have experienced the exact same thing; here today, gone tomorrow, and then back again!
Hope when yours comes back it doesn't treat you too bad!

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I agree with the others. I had this happen myself around 10 weeks. I all of a sudden had like 4 days in a row where i felt much better and even told my ob that at my prenatal checkup that week. Then the weekend hit and MS was back. It is lessening especially now but after that happened I'm not thinking I'm out of the woods.