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Quick Update

I called this morning to make an appt. with my OB and she wanted me to come in this afternoon because I am so overdue now. She checked me and there has been no change at all since my last check at 39 weeks (still 2 cm). She did the membrane sweep and put me on the list to be induced. She said because of my prior c-sec. they can't do a regular induction, so they will have me come in to the hospital to break my water and then if I don't progress on my own, I will have to decide whether to have a repeat c-sec or to try being induced very slowly and in small amounts with Pitocin. She said it increases my risk of a uterine rupture, but I'm surprised it's even an option because when we last talked about it, it sounded like she wouldn't induce at all. I guess I'll have to research it and learn what the risks are.

She said the sweep will either send me into labor or do nothing at all. Still holding out hope that it will work or that at least breaking my water will. I don't want to have to decide whether or not to try the Pitocin or to just go for a repeat c-sec. This baby is STUBBORN ! I never expected to still be pregnant at this point. :huh:

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Sorry you haven't had an progress. Sad When will they try breaking your water? If you have extra fluid that might be restricting baby from putting enough pressure on your cervix to send you into labor, if that is the case breaking your water will work great. Hoping you go into labor soon though and the sweep works for you!

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Sorry that you didn't dilate more but I hope the sweep works. Sounds like c-section may be the best route & safest. Strange she changed her mind. At least now you have a plan Wink

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I am sorry your not dilated anymore. How was the sweep?

I am glad they will give you a chance to labor and see if anything happens!

When is your induction? I am thinking about you!

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I'm surprised they talked about pit, too. I'm not sure I would agree to it but that's just my feeling. Definitely do your research and see where you stand.

Hopefully the sweep and breaking your water will do the trick.

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Hopefully breaking your water will be enough to move things along.

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Good Luck!