quick update on me and cash

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quick update on me and cash

Im doing better. Lots of swelling. but able to stand up a little more straight. Milk has arrived. I started knowing it was coming because it felt like i had little pebbles under my skin and i got nervous and called the lactation consultant and she came to my room and worked with him all day. Cash is doing good. He is back in the incubator but shouldnt be in there too long. His temp dropped but they also just had him in a damn tshirt so i brought him like 10 outfits i had in my hospital bad dh brought me. Breathing is still good. He is EATING now. His weight is 5lbs 5 ounces but i dont think that will be for long. every two hours he nurses on each side for 15 minutes. Nicu calls me in my room and i go over there to feeed. Im so proud of him. He goes straight to the nipple before i can even get comfortable. i did get a rude comment today that i should be walking around a public place so exposed.... i was wearing a tank top... not my fault my boobs are needing a size F and my dh cant find where to get one. So today the lactation consultant said she will get one for me. so sweeet.

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Told you that thing looked massive in your pic! haha. Glad he is doing well and your feeling a little better Smile Tell that person to can it, maybe they're just jealous they dont have boobs like you. Its nice of the LC to get you a nursing bra, thats really sweet of her.

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Good to hear everything is going well with the both of you!

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I'm glad to hear everything is going so good these days. And seriously - the person that said that needs to keep their mouth closed. They have no idea (well, maybe they do?) what you have gone through.

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Some people are serious jerks. Mine are an F by now, too. I dread to think what size they'll be once my milk comes in...

I'm so glad to hear that you're doing well, Jamie, and that Cash is, too. Sounds to me like you are both warriors! Definitely continue to keep us updated.

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Glad things are getting better for you. When do you think you will be able to go home?

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I finally saw my actual dr today. He is really dissapointed things go to the point of a c section and he said he wish he was there to try different things and he is really dissapointed how that asshole of a dr handled things. My dr is trying to keep me in the hospital because he doesnt want me to go home and leave my baby here while im breastfeeding every 2 hours and he feels bad about how everyting has been for me and ahh he is just awesome. so I may be gettting to stay here so i can be close to my son. right now im waiting to feed. 20 more min they do a shift change from 630-8 so i cant go to the nicu during that time and my boobs are going to explode. they are so swollen the pump wont even get anything but 6ml out every 20 min. gahhh the lactation consultant tried to help me but she had no luck either so she put on cabocreme to help with engorgement. these boobies are crazy

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I hope you can stay and be with your son. Our hospital has 2 rooms for moms to board in. You don't get any hospital services but can sleep there and stay all day.

I am jelous that you have a nice size boob! lol I am like a small c and have always wanted a boob job to have nice size ones! I hope you can get more out with pumping I bet you would have a nice stash for him.

How long will he need to stay?

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I hope the doctor can keep you there as long as Cash is in the NICU. If Cash moves from the NICU to a normal pediatric room you can probably stay in the room with him. I stayed in Nicholas' hospital room when he was 3 weeks old and they fed me and everything because I was nursing him around the clock. I hope the engorgement calms down soon. Are you able to take showers yet? Maybe a hot shower can help with some of the milk. Keep up the good work mommy, you are doing great!

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I'm glad to here you are both doing well. I hope he gets to come home soon!

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i will know in the morning if I can stay longer. Hes under light therapy now and they said for him to come home he needs to eat 30ml every3 hours so he can come off the iv fluids, keep his temp up and have good billirubin levels. Which they said it all surrounds him eating. he just nursed for 35 min. LC came in and roughly masssaged me the entire time and pumped and did everything we could. I have 30ml on reserve plus what he ate. thank god for these women I swear. Im keeping my fingers crossed by monday cash can come home. They said it isnt unrealistic so keep ur fingers crossed. God I love that little boy so much. I cant get over how amazing he is or makes me feel. They said the day before he comes home they will circumsize and also do the carseat test....i knew nothing about anything with a car seat but apparently they have to put him in his carseat connected to all the monitors to make sure he can handle it and gets enough oxygen in it so his head doesnt fall too far forward. Is this normal or maybe something they just do for nicu? I thought it was pretty cool that they did this

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Sounds like your getting amazing care! I hope you both get to go home very soon!

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Glad things are going good for you!