Quick update re: Phineas

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Quick update re: Phineas

Hi from the land of very little sleep. Just wanted to give quick update so you don't worry. We were able to d/c from hospital Saturday evening. Unfortunately b/c of concerns for jaundice & loss of additional body weight, we are having to do a lot of supplemental feedings via pumping & some formula to make sure he is gaining weight & lowering his bilirubim levels. I have to give the supplements via a tiny straw & syringe while breastfeeding him. Needless to say, it makes me feel like I'm always having something attached to me whether it is Phineas or the pump the majority of the time. Also doesn't help that my blood levels are low & they have me on a low dose blood pressure med so I don't feel quite like myself. Anyway, I do have pics to share they are not on Photobucket yet but I hope to get them posted soon.We are just taking things day by day. Congrats to all the new mommies and babies who have come along since I last posted...I guess Jonah & Phineas are b'day buddies Smile

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I remember doing the supplements with the tiny straw thing!! Brings back memories Smile Glad you guys are doing well.. I hope he starts sleeping in nice long stretches soon. Congrats again Smile

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Glad you were able to come and everything is going good! Can't wait to see some more pictures!!