Rough First Night

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Rough First Night

We were discharged from the hospital yesterday and decided to go ahead and drive home. I'm so glad we did. Rileigh was unconsolable for hours. She ate, had a clean diaper and just wouldn't stop screaming. Everytime she pooped she got a clean diaper. I sent hubby out for Gripe Water and we put that in her 430am bottle and she fell fast asleep on my chest. She wouldn't sleep anywhere else. So needless to say I got hardly any sleep at all last night. She's had about 2-3 hours of awake time today so far.

We see the Pediatrician today at 130 and I'm thinking he might say we are dealing with Colic. Birthmom told me her youngest had really really bad colic. So we shall see. I just hope she decides to sleep in her bassinet tonight so I can sleep.

But she is the most precious little girl ever. When she sleeps she makes the funniest faces and is so cute. I'll try to get a picture post up soon.

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I am sorry you had a rough night. The gripe water is the best stuff ever I made I think! My 2nd daughter had colic and it was awful. She loved her swing though and that is what got us through most of her colic stage. What type of formula are you using? That might play a part too. My daughter had to go on Alimentum because she could not handle any type of formula and that also made a difference with the colic and fussy times.

Sending hugs. I hope you get some sleep tonight! I can't wait to see some pictures!

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Ah sorry Sad My first daughter had colic pretty bad, and it did get better eventually

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Isn't it a little early for colic? Typically colic doesn't start for several weeks after birth.

My boy had horrible colic and gripe water didn't do a thing for him. I really hope you don't have to deal with colic. It's a tough ride.

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Sorry about the rough night Sad I hope you don't have to deal with colic! Hope tonight is better for you!

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Well Doc didnt mention Colic and doesn't want to change formular just yet. He wants to wait until her 2 week check up and see how she is doing. He said he would prefer us to use the Mylacon drops instead of gripe water but said to continue with gripe and see if it helps. If not he said to switch to using the mylacon drops. So we'll see how tonight goes. I kept her awake earlier tonight after a feeding so hope she sleeps good for us tonight.

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I was also thinking it's too early for colic and is most likely her getting used to the formula. Also, did the doc mention anything about the typically under developed esophagus in newborns? Is she not liking laying flat, or is she just fussy no matter what? Try to keep her upright after a feeding for 15 minutes (I think that's the recommended) and burp frequently during a feeding. I used to do after every ounce with Jacob despite how mad he got when I took the bottle away to burp him.

Welcome to sleepless nights and restless days. Smile

Congrats, mommy. I was so excitedly updating my DH on how you guys got your little one finally and he thought I was crazy with how happy it made me. I can only imagine the sheer joy going through your hearts right now.


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Hope it goes better for you tonight!

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Hope last night was a better night for you all. :bigarmhug:

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Hope you had a restful night last night!

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Last night was much better, however she would only sleep on me or with me and not in the pack n play. Sad So today when DH was talking with his dad his dad suggested it might be the pack n play "mattress". I really should say board because that thing was hard as a rock. We went to BRU and bought a mattress for the pack n play and so far 40min in there without a peep. Prior she would be 10min and screaming bloody murder. So I think we are on the right track.

We did have to take her in for a billi check today and she is still Low-Risk..I guess we didn't mention to the doc yesterday that she is half hispanic. So she has a little yellow skin anyway. So we are good to go until the 3rd for her 2week well baby visit.

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Glad you figured out how to get some sleep. We had a pretty rough first night too, but things went great last night for us. Hopefully you had a great night too!