Saw my baby today: Transvaginal U/S with NT

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Saw my baby today: Transvaginal U/S with NT

I just wanted to share with you, ladies, that today I went in for my first u/s. I was actually supposed to have it done tomorrow, but I was so anxious that I asked if I could go today, and as they had a cancellation and a colleague at work did a shift swap with me, I was able to go today.

Well, I was feeling very anxious but all went ok.

I almost cried when I saw my baby and heard his/her heart beating: 164 bpm! And the baby was facing down and moving arms and legs. The doc performing the transvaginal u/s showed me the tiny feet and one arm was up and the other one kind of in between the legs, but later one baby moved the other arm up and stretched!!! Aweeeeeeee

My TN result was 1.2mm!!! And the radiologist doc said all is going as expected and at present I seem to have a very healthy 5 cm baby growing inside me!!!! Yahoo

Hugs and bye bye for now...


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So glad your NT scan went so well Marcelle!

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Thank you, Angela! I just updated my ticker. Doc moved me 2 days ahead... so I guess I am now entering my second trimester.

Anyway, I must get ready to go to work now. Will check on the board later today.
Cheers! Wink

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Great news!!! Yay!

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YAY! that is so great Marcelle. What a wonderful way to start the new week!

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Awwww very excited for u Smile congrats!!!

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glad it all went so well! do u have pics? Biggrin

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YAY for a great appt! congratulations!!!

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yay! congrats! Its amazing to see that little tiny person inside you isn't it? Even with #4, it never gets old!

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Yay for great test results and seeing your little one!

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Glad it GREAT!!!

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Thank you for all the postings! It sure was an amazing experience and now I wish I could have my own portable u/s machine, just so I could see my baby every day and say a quick hello.. hehe.

Unfortunately, I didn´t know I was supposed to take a dvd with me for them to record and they didn´t one extra available to sell or give to me, so I will have to wait for my second u/s.
I have some small pics for me to keep and take with me for my second appt, but they are too small to scan.

Hope you all are feeling great too!!!!!!!!!!!


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Glad all went well and you got to see your LO!

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Congrats Marcelle! Happy you got to see your little one! Had my NT scan yesterday as well!

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Congrats ! Isn't pregnancy amazing ? Biggrin

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Glad you were able to see your little one and got good results on your NT.