A scary event!

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A scary event!

Totally off topic here--but dh is gone camping with his scout troop tonight and I'm bored and lonely Smile So I'll share what happened to me today.

I had the most heart stopping event happen in front of me today. The kids and I were riding our bikes home from school--them on the sidewalk in front of me about 2 houses. Two dogs from across the street saw them, and ran across the road to bark/chase the kids on their bikes.

At that moment a car was coming down the road and ran over the smaller of the 2 dogs--the bigger one made it across the road. It was a small road, so not going too fast. The driver hit the brakes as soon as he saw them, but the smaller dog went under the car! It was the most sickening thump sound! The car stopped completely and the little dog got out from under the car and ran into the house with the big dog!! I was way freaked out and called to the owner if the dog was all right and she just slammed the door. The driver was out of the car and very shaken up--SCARY!

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OMG!! I hope the little dog is okay. Sad I wouldn't beable to watch that.
We have a cat across the street that prefers our house over his own and everyday, he runs across the street to see us. One day last week, early in the morning as I'm leaving for work, he ran out from behind a car and another car was coming down the street. Cars speed down our street because it's a dead end, so they just don't care. I never screamed so loud in my life for that car to stop before hitting him. He came close to getting hit, scared the poopers out of me.

Our husky has been hit by a car before, only we weren't his owners at the time. When we rescued him 4 years ago, he was a stray found hit by a car. He was lying on the side of the road and a nice couple picked him up and dropped him off at the closest humane society. He didn't have any broken bones but he had a lot of muscle damage, big open infected wounds and was just a mess. Sad He's fine now but still likes to run off on us and has no fear of cars what so ever -- but we do.

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OMG That is SO horrible! I hope the dog is okay... and you and your kids must be so upset!!! Lots of hugs!

I ran over a dog in February of 2005. I will never forget it. The little one flashed under my van so fast there was no way to stop in time and I was only going like 20 MPH. I had just turned a corner. To top it off, I was 7 months pregnant with Hailey, the owner came out while I was trying to help the poor dog and he wanted to kill me...then the idiot said "I just paid 600 dollars for that dog" -- like he only cared about how much money he lost Sad The other neighbor had to grab the guy and they screamed at me to leave right now before he could get loose.

I cried for a week... I still cry when I think about it. I feel like I'm going to puke right now at the thought. It was the most horrifying experience of my life. (I am a huge animal lover - I have 2dogs, a cat, 2 sugar gliders, 2 birds, 1 hamster and fish -- plus I feed the neighbors cats -- (they have like 15 of them and they leave them all outside w/no food poor things!)

So you can imagine how much I love animals.

It's devastating to watch a dog get hit by a car. I am so sorry you had to witness that!