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gah i can barely walk today i swear. i have degenerative disc disease and my sciatic is usally hurting on my right leg but that seems to be fine, its moved to my left. i get this intense shooting pain in my hip area that shoots down to my foot and brings me to tears. is anyone else in the same boat? and have u found any relief? i have a script for oxycodone which i try not to take only when i can not get out of bed but damn this suck.

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I have been having horrible sciatic pain in one leg since I was around 8 weeks. From what my doctor said it is only going to get worse the bigger I get. She gave me the name of a chiropractor in the area that is trained to work on pregnant women. I have had one adjustment done by my OB, and it helped for about 2 weeks until it started getting really bad again. So on Tuesday I am going to call that chiropractor and I'll let you know if she gives me any other advice on ways to help.

Other than that my doctor told me to ice it when possible, or to take tylenol. I won't take the tylenol, because the pain is very off and on, so I would have to take it more often than I am comfortable doing.

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So Sorry your going through that, I hope you can find some relief soon!

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ya ive been told to ice it by a chiropractor my mom works with. uhhh the joys of this experience lol. I feel like maybe its karma because the entire time my mom was pregnant with me I apparently was on her nerve the whole time lol

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Yup, I can hardly put weight on my left leg at all. My chiropractor helped with my last pg, but he unexpectedly retired b/c he had a brain tumor last year--still see him every week at church. His son now runs his clinic, so I should go back to see his son now that I hurt so bad.

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I have had horrible lower back pain since I had my spinal before my emergency C-Section. The only thing that helps me is Yoga. Have you tried Acupuncture?