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i think i may be moving to feb but won't get to know for sure until NEXT MONTH nurse called to discuss my beta and she said the mw thinks i'm only 4 weeks along. I don't really think that's possible b/c on monday the 6th i got my + that was glaring and came up in like 30seconds...I am hoping maybe she means my lmp was 6 weeks ago and I am '4 weeks preggo'. they don't want to sched. a dating u/s until after my next appt on JULY 15 blah! she did say they would try to find a hb next appt though. I am too impatient for this today! i was really hoping to get to do an u/s this month!


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I'm sorry your dealing with this, it has to be so annoying. I am having the same problem but they're tying to move me up instead of down. It's either I'm further along or there are two in there because of the size of my uterus right now. Hopefully your right on your timing and the Drs are the ones that are off. There is no way to talk them into a sooner u/s? That seems like an awfully long time to wait for a dating one.

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How frustrating! Pregnancy seems to be one long waiting game.

For reference, I looked back at my betas, and at exactly 5 wks, the number was 2400. So 4 wks sounds a little "young" for your bean. (Because I am the standard by which all things are measured, of course...)

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I would be upset too - it sucks to wait another month to see how far along you are. UGH!