Shortness of breath

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Shortness of breath

Anyone experiencing this yet?

Mine had started kind of slowly over the last couple of weeks... today all I did was go down stairs, grab a basket of laundry and came back up.. I had to sit down to fold the laundry! I was so out of breath!!

I know my uterus is bigger than most mommies at this stage due to this being my 7th! But now I sit here and wonder how in the world am I going to get anything done being so out of breath already!

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I get it at the very beginning of my pregnancies and then don't usually get it till late 20 weeks. Though, this being my third I have noticed my tummy area getting squished sooner. I'm already dealing with heart burn which I didn't get until the last 10 weeks of my last two pregnancies. Beee

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I get winded easily when not pregnant because of lung problems and now it's a lot worse. I have two story house and up and down all day on the stairs, some days I wish I had one of those chairs that ride up the stairs lol!

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Yes. Going up the stairs always kills me. TONS of fun I tell you. Hopefully it won't get much worse.

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Yes, I have a tri-level house (like split level) and hauling laundry down, then back up is hard! And I'm a runner, I shouldn't have shortness of breath problems, but baby is starting to push up on my lungs!

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Ugh, hate it! Talk about feeling out of shape!! My DH just laughs at me when I am breathing heavy after just walking up a short hill.

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Oh yes! It happened in church when I was sitting down in the pew! It felt like I couldn't catch a good breath. I wondered if I was going to have to go out to our vehicle and recline the seat so that I could "lay down" on my side. Thankfully, it passed without having too. It's happened when I've washed dishes too. Not fun!!