Sleep is for the weak.....

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Sleep is for the weak.....

or at least that's what Lois thinks.

She has been so hard at night the past two nights. Grumbling and straining all night. She's been sleeping no more than an hour and a half at a stretch, more like 45 minutes most of the time. I'm fairly certain she has reflux (both of my others did), and she spits up all night long. We got some zantac from the pedi....I'm hoping it helps in the next few days. She's so uncomfortable....and mommy and daddy are exhausted!

And, of course, what have my parents been telling me? I'm holding her too much during the day, and that's why she won't sleep. Grrrr...... She's 11 days old! She wants and needs to be held, so I'm going to hold her!

Okay....vent over! Smile

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So shocked at how you are spoiling your infant by HOLDING her during the day. You should just put her in the swing for the majority of the day....and shouldn't she be holding her own bottle by now. How do you expect this child to ever learn independence?