Sleeping Arrangement

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Sleeping Arrangement

We have learned that Rileigh doesn't like to be swaddled, but likes to feel secure and snug. Which is the reason why she has been sleeping on me for the past 3 nights. We learned today that putting her in the bouncer with receiving blankets supporting her on her sides behind her allows her to sleep peacefully and for hours on end. Is it okay to let a baby sleep in a bouncer buckled in for the night? This thought has crossed my mind because she is "on her back" has no blankets near her face and can't roll to her side. She would be on the floor right next to my side of the bed so my thought is that it would be okay. But thought I'd check with some BTDT moms. Smile

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I dont' see that being a problem. My daughter the one that had colic like I said used to love the swing and that is all that would help and I let her sleep in there. I kept her right by me.

Carolina is the same way she doesn't like to be swaddled she wants her legs free to streach out. I am glad you found something that will work and you both can get some sleep!

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Robbie would only sleep in his car seat and that is where he slept for the first 2 months...

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**lurker** when DS is really hard to settle we put him in the swing and he sleeps for a few hours at a time. It's heaven :-). I read just not to leave them upright too long as their little spines are still developing so I try to limit it to when I absolutely cannot settle him any other way. I find carrying him in a wrap helps and once he's sound asleep, put him in his bassinet. Heating their bed with a bean bag or hot water bottle first is a good trick, as they are drawn to the body heat.

I read your other post about the first night being rough and you were wondering if you should keep her up more during the day. From my (limited) experience, keeping baby up or letting them stay up past when they get tired (yawn, rub eyes, droopy eyes) is a bad idea. Sleeping well brings more sleep in my opinion. I make sure DS goes down for a nap after being awake no longer than 1.5 hrs at a time (including feeding and diaper change). My miracle weapons are the sling (Moby or other), and the swing. If can get him to sleep whenever he's tired he is way more pleasant to be around. I now wake up DS every 3 hours according to the E.A.S.Y schedule but if he's real tired I just quickly feed him and put him back to bed. I think your daughter may be a bit young for trying a schedule though... but not sure. I'm a FTM too though, so I am just learning :-). If you do want to try to wake her up I would probably try to wake her more frequently but not keep her up long at a time (this is according to the baby whisperer book). Hope you get some rest!

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My son slept in the baby papasan for a month due to reflux, much in the position you described. It was the only way I could get him calmed down. Smile I dont see any harm in it...

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I don't see anything wrong with it, My DS had colic and reflux and slept pretty much in his swing for months. Hope you get some rest soon!

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*lurker* both of my boys either slept on me, in their swing or in their papasan/bouncer for the first 3 mo. It's great your found something for now and she is getting some rest and hopefully you are too. Remember newborns really can't be spoiled and they go through a '4th' trimester where cuddles can provide a lot of security.

I have been following your story and wanted to say a big congratulations on bringing your little girl home!!!

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DD1 slept in a bouncer most times because it had a vibrating thing that would help soothe her. She did sleep in her crib, but you could tell she preferred the bouncer.

DD2 slept in a swing most of the time because she liked the motion. We just always made sure someone was near each of them in case for some reason they tried to roll (never happened). But a lot of times DD2 had to be bounced to sleep or walked around, snuggled really close, but once we got her in the swing when she was falling asleep it helped and she'd be out for a while.

I say as long as someone is close by there's no harm in it! Even if you sleep too (I know I did!) Congrats again on your little girl!

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Look into the fisher price rock n play sleeper. Kara is the same way about not wanting to be swaddled. The first 2-3 weeks of her life was tough at night until we got this thing, now she's sleeping for long periods at a time and seems way happier.

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There's nothing wrong with it, if she will sleep let her Smile

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"Jenn0113" wrote:

Look into the fisher price rock n play sleeper. Kara is the same way about not wanting to be swaddled. The first 2-3 weeks of her life was tough at night until we got this thing, now she's sleeping for long periods at a time and seems way happier.

We'll definitely look into this. Willing to try anything!