So any one else?

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So any one else?

Is there anyone else that is having a hard time believing that they are actually pregnant? Seriously, for me it still doesn't seem real even though my period is more than late. I really don't have any morning sickness, no symptoms at all really. I get worn out a lot easier and winded easier and I'm a lot moodier than usually and am having a hard time being nice, which I can usually control, I try my hardest not to be a crazy B**** when on my period and I do quite well thank you very much but everything just annoys the crap out of me lately. If DH looks at me wrong I snap his head off and then have to apologize 5 minutes later. Drives me crazy!!!! But that's about my only symptom. I have a few cravings, mostly anything sweet, which is different from the boys all I wanted was salty stuff with them, and I already have this full feeling in my lower abdomen. Maybe that's because it's my 3rd pregnancy.

Anyway, is anyone else feeling like it's not really real? I know there are several on here with out hardly any symptoms. I'm just having a hard time believing this is actually happening again. I think I will once I start getting a real belly rather than evening bloat.

P.S. Just have to add in advance, I'm sorry if I ever say anything rude or snarky. Like I said earlier in my post i'm really really irritable, though that doesn't excuse my behavior. If I'm feeling extra irritable I will do my best to keep my mouth shut and my fingers away from the key board. Love you gals and don't want to ruin any relationship I could have with you already!

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Yep, still shocked I'm actually pregnant. I often look o er at DH and say..."psst, I'm pregnant! Can you believe it?" He usually smiles and says no, to which I say, I know!!! Me either!

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I am w/ you both. I'm NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE HERE! (movie Clerks if anyone has seen it. lol)

Anyways, different SO & we aren't even living together, but he is in the picture & wants to be a family. It's all so crazy! I'm a raging B too. Many tears have been shed so's been a looooong 8 weeks. phew!

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I can't believe i'm pregnant! I mean after 17months of trying and finally to see a bfp it was amazing! I am looking forward to enjoying this pregnancy all the good and the bad Smile

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Can't believe it at all - was told it would never happen so to say I am in denial is an under statement. I look pregnant and I feel pregnant but I just can't believe I am pregnant. Its the greatest feeling ever (knowing I am, not the sickness, lol).

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last week i was totally feeling it, but this week i can barely even tell. i have to keep looking at the stick to make sure!! but last week it was really humid and muggy where i live, and that usually makes me feel poopy even when i'm not pg, so i think that's why i was so tired and nauseous on the weekend. now it's back to cold and rainy, so i'm not feeling as dizzy or lightheaded. last week my appetite was INSANE, and this week it seems to be back to normal...who knows how these things work, there doesn't seem to be any real rhyme or reason to it!!

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I'm definitely still in a little bit of shock. I keep thinking "Oh yeah. I'm pregnant!" and getting happy all over again.

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I'm totally in shock! We tried for a year and for it to finally happen has us both like "huh"! I think DH thought it wasn't going to happen, like ever. He was so shocked when I told him even though we've been actively trying for so long. I think it will become more real to me once I go to the doctor and hear the heartbeat... then maybe I'll stop worrying so much once I hit the 2nd trimister (ha).