anybody else feeling HUGE already?!

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Posts: 1391 anybody else feeling HUGE already?!

Please tell me yes! I am getting myself a little freaked out here! I have heard that you show earlier with each pregnancy, and I think I remember that being the case with my daughter. But I am exactly ten weeks along and I am getting quite a belly! None of my clothes fit except my workout shorts that were a little bit to begin with, and even some of those are getting a little snug around the waist. I am CLEARLY showing. I swear I could pass for closer to 18 or even 20 weeks! Maybe it is all in my head but I am really scared of our "surprise" baby being surprise babies! So somebody, anybody please tell me you are really, really showing! Please? LOL!

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Well, I can tell you that at 10 weeks your baby is about the size if a strawberry. So, if there were 2, it would not really make a difference, size wise. I know from experience as I didn't actually show a size difference with my twins until I was far enough along to tell their sex, about 18 weeks.

You're probably just popping a bit due to this being your 3rd and probably a bit of bloat, especially by end of day.

Now, if it is twins...don't worry! They are actually a blast!!

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It is true that the more you have the sooner you show. With #4 I started to show nicely at 12 weeks and I am almost 8 weeks and have a little bump going on. So I am right there with you I know I will be huge with my last son I mean I was just huge I was always measuring 3 weeks ahead and he was only 8lbs but for some reason I get big!

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Okay, that makes me feel slightly better! Slightly! Lol I think I started getting a little bump right around 8 weeks as well. So as long as somebody else is in the same boat I will try not to freak out. And yeah, for a brief second when the thought of twins first crossed my mind, I thought it would be "fun"...then I got scared beyond belief!

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oh god, i am totally showing. i'm not even 8 weeks yet but i've been wearing maternity clothes for 2 weeks. i totally have a belly, and my boobs are popping out of all my shirts. i'm pretty sure my co-workers already suspect, i've been getting some "knowing" smirks from some of the ladies here!!!

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I was in full on maternity clothes a week ago and have a sizable bump. I looked now like I did the first time at 20 weeks! I've had an u/s though and it's only one baby Smile I think you are ok, it's just the second time around.

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I do feel pretty big. Apparently my coworkers think so too because several have asked me if I know the gender yet. :eek:

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I'm at the end of my 10th week & I am showing, especially by afternoon/evening. This will be my 3rd baby.

You are not alone.

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"Jenn0113" wrote:

I do feel pretty big. Apparently my coworkers think so too because several have asked me if I know the gender yet. :eek:


Okay, you all have reassured me. I think I will still be slightly nervous until my first appt, but I do feel better now that I know I'm not the only one with a bump already! Smile

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I'm exactly as far along as you are, with #3, and I feel HUGE! I keep meaning to post a belly pic....we should start another thread! What always surprises me is that it isn;t so much the bottom of my belly that is poking out, but the top that rounds out super quickly, making me look preggo. With my first, I guess my abs were in better shape (I had more time to exercise, of course!), and everything was held back until about 20 weeks. Not anymore! Blum 3

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Baby #3 for me and yes feeling huge and looking quite pregnant! Had to go buy some pants/shorts this weekend as mine are either too tight or I can't do them up at all. I was going to wait till after the U/S on the 20th to tell my other kids, but told them this weekend as can't hid it any longer:) The kids are thriled! I havn't told my work yet either- so either people think I am gaining weight or don't want to ask Smile

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I feel so huge right now too. This is baby # 2 for me, and I don't fit into a lot of my pants already. All I have left are my fat shorts from when I was still losing the weight from Natalie.

With Natalie I didn't have an issue with my pants until I was about 4 months along. All my maternity clothes from Natalie are winter clothes, so I am thinking about going out and getting some maternity shorts or capris. I just really don't want to spend the money on them because this will be the last baby, and I will be giving it all away once I am done.

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I need to get some maternity shorts or capris or something too. I have one pair my mom got me when I told her I was pregnant this time around, but other than that I have all pants.

I saw my SIL today for the first time in probably almost two weeks, and she was shocked at how big I'm looking! There is no way that I would be able to hide it at this point. I have never done belly pics before, but if I can make some time tomorrow I should really post one!

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