SO excited!!!

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SO excited!!!

Hi girls! Tomorrow afternoon is our big u/s!! I'm so excited to see the baby again and find out the sex! WOOHOO!! Biggrin After the appt. DH and I are going to go out and buy the baby their first outfit (so so excited to start shopping!) and go out to dinner. Should be such a fun day! Just thought I'd share since it's all I can think about!! Hope you all are well!

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Yay for a gender scan. Make sure to have a big glass of OJ (or soda) before you go so s/he is really active. Smile

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Oh yes... I will be drinking/eating some sugar before I go!! Wink

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Yay on u/s's!! Can't wait for the update Smile

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Fun!!! Can't wait to hear what you're having, open leg vibes! :vibes:

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Yay! Good luck and have fun! (I tried eating a chocolate bar beforehand, and it did nothing. But I think mine is just an anomaly. Or very very tired all the time. Or a quadriplegic.)

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GOOD LUCK! I second the orange juice. I had a small amount of coffee and a big glass of OJ and baby girl was moving and gooving the whole time.

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YAY .. finally here.. I can not wait to read about your update. I hope everything goes great and the lil one isn't too shy Smile


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Today's the BIG day Erin!! Enjoy the hell out of it, you will remember it forever!!