So frustrated !

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So frustrated !

I called my OB's office this morning to make my first appt. and I had to leave a message. So I left all the details including the date of my last period etc... The receptionist calls me back and says that I need a new referral from my family Dr. I was like why ? I have been his patient since 2006. She said it's because it's been too long since I last saw him. I saw him in August 2009 for my 6 weeks PP check. That's not even 2 yrs ago ! Not to mention that on his site it says that if you are a pregnant patient you don't need a referral to see him, but she says I do. :banghead:

So now I have an appt. with my GP on Friday afternoon. I will have to have the initial bloodwork and first U/S done through her I guess and she will have to send a referral in to my OB's office. It's frustrating that I have to go through all this just to see my OB again. Not to mention that we are in the process of changing family Dr's right now but we only have an appt. with the new Dr. at the end of June, so I can't wait that long. I was really hoping to be done with our current GP, but I have no choice. I guess I have to see her this one last time.

Sorry for the vent. I'm just so frustrated that I have to go through all this trouble to see my OB again.

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That is annoying. I've never heard of needing a referral to go to the OB.

Your GP does u/s? That's kind of cool - none of mine have every done them.

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She will have to give me a requisition form and I will have to call to book an appt. to have one done at a location where they do U/S. That is how it works with my OB too. Our Dr's don't have a machine in their office here. They always just give us a requisition form and we have to call and book an appt. at an U/S location.

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Sorry you have to jump through so many hoops Nathalie! GRRRR

I hope that you get through your appt with the GP quickly and get your referral to the OB.

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That's just ridiculous, you would think that since you were already his patient you would be able to just to make an apt.

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Wow, weird! Not even for insurance purposes...just cause? Don't they also want to do their own bloodwork, etc? Dr.s offices are odd sometimes.