So glad!

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So glad!

I am so glad to be in the early 2nd trimester during summer--where I'm not feeling sick anymore and I'm not so big and uncomfortable yet! There are so many fun summer activities I would hate to miss out on. Today the kids and I went blueberry picking and picked 8 lbs of blueberries! I plan to can some of them as pie filling and freeze others. And right now the kids and I are eating strawberry BLUEBERRY shortcake with a cold glass of milk for an afternoon snack! It's heavenly! I have things I want to do in the fall/winter too--but sitting activities (like sewing new bedspreads for my boys!). I'm just glad I feel up to the active things of summer--maybe I'll take the kids on a bike ride Wink

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I'm with you! I'm so happy that (with the exception of yesterday's small incident) I feel so good. If it weren't for the little baby movements I'm feeling all day long I could easily forget I was pregnant! I LOVE the 2nd trimester!

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Agreed! I am just back from the day at the waterpark and night at the boardwalk with my DS and my energy level is back! I think I will be looking forward to being a little more stationary and nesting in the fall..just makes sense to me!
Glad you guys are enjoying too!

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Smile Same here.. My first time being this far along.. so it's exciting Smile
I really want to enjoy the summer with my DH.. maybe a cruise will do the trick Smile

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Yes I agree! Although my energy isn't what it used to be at least I can get things done. The extreme heat is making me not feel so good but I would rather it be now than in the 1st or 3rd tri.

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I'm still waiting for my morning sickness to end! I live by the beach and have missed out on the whole summer.

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"AmayaNSugar" wrote:

I'm still waiting for my morning sickness to end! I live by the beach and have missed out on the whole summer.

Sorry Sad Mine had never been bad with the other kids, but it was icky this time around! Luckily it pretty much went away about the time my kids got out of school for the summer. Hope yours eases up soon!

I have been more tired than my non-pg self too, but better than the 1st or 3rd trimester!