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It seems like I am ALWAYS hungry. Please tell me I am not alone. Sad

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I went through that phase a couple weeks ago, I swear I was eating everything in site. Now, the thought of food usually makes me nauseous so im just eating regularly.

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I am constantly snacking - before, during and after meals! LOL

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It comes in waves. However, I was meeting a friend for lunch and she went to the completely wrong restaurant. On my drive to meet her, I was ready to stab someone in the eye I was so HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!

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yesterday DH wanted to take me and Monkey #1 out for breakfast but he "needed" to cut the grass first...i was STARVING...i thought we were going to get into a domestic dispute when i caught him checking his phone after he was done cutting the grass....i mean, really....DIDN'T HE KNOW I WAS STARVING??? There was no time for things like phone checking!!!!!!

So um,'re not alone. Biggrin

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Yes, then when I eat I wish I hadn't. Its a constant battle in my stomach right now.

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You can have all my portions, if you like. Wink

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Yup I'm always hungry too, especially the last few days, then after I eat I feel like I need a nap and can barely keep my eyes open!