So I'm pooped...

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So I'm pooped...

and so is my car Sad Yes, my brother smeared poop on my car!!!!!

We went into downtown today to "see the sights" and stopped at a bathroom before getting in the car. My brother kept fidgeting on the walk to the car. We got there and my big ones climbed in the 3rd row, and I was buckling my 3 yo in the middle row and my brother was not getting in on the other side of the car--I peeked over at him and he had his hand down his crack, scratching and digging away. I thought "oh thats gross" He then looked at his hand, and smeared whatever was on it all over the outside of my WHITE car!!!! I finished buckling and went to fold up the stroller. My brother was in at that point so I looked on his side of the car--brown streaks down the side of it. UGH!!

So what could I do? I offered everyone a baby wipe "in case your hands are sticky from the ice cream we ate". He at least took one and wiped. I wish I hadn't forgotten my hand sanitizer in my other bag! I actually took a pic of the car to send to dh. There was a fly sitting ont he smear an hour after i got home and took the pic. Gross!!!!

Sorry its another vent story--but funny anyhow.

thier flight leaves in 13 hours--airport dropoff in 11 hours! Biggrin

ETA: did I mention the week had a highlight? I had my 16 week office visit and heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time!!! I recorded it for dh who couldn't make it to the appt, but all 3 of my kids were there and got to hear it. My mom and brother just walked around the hospital gift shop during my very short appt. It was for the best LOL

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OMG!!!!!!! That is disgusting! I would not have moved! That boy would have gotten out and taken care of business before we went anywhere! Oh, hurl!! glad about your appt!!! It's a wonderful sound!

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That's prett nasty, kuddos for staying calm about it. What did DH say about it?

Congrats on hearing your lo's hb! I just love that sound Smile

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You are so nice for being so calm about it. I would have been gagging up a storm!

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Oh my.. NOT good.. I can say one thing Kudos to you for being calm about it Smile & “they” say pregnancy woman are grumpy.. u sure show them)

Congrats one hearing Happy lil beats. YAYYYYY

Almost time to unload what is a nice visit but welcome relief.

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Thanks ladies!

Just got back from the airport--whew!! I sometimes don't think the visits would be so hard if my mom would travel without my brother--he is the hardest one. Yeah, my mom has her "allergies" and is not always very helpful, but the gross factor is the hardest one. Now I need to go scrub the bathroom (dh heard my brother aiming at the shower wall and peeing against it--it echoed really bad--no wonder the bathroom stinks so bad!), and scrub my car--I found more poo smears on the paint in the door jamb. I should probably do a once over with cleaning on dd's furniture too--he was sleeping on the floor on an air mattress next to her dresser and I remember what the wall by his bed at home looks like--nasty booger/snot smears!

My mom was sad to leave the grandkids though--I had them unbuckle at the airport dropoff and go give her a hug at the door and she was crying to leave. I feel bad we are so far away. Maybe I'll invite her back sooner but to leave my bro at home ;). Because he is disabled/developmentally delayed, but he is perfectly capable of being away from her, he does live in his own apartment (he has a nurse to visit, financial planner, home care specialist etc though).

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You are a saint! I'd not only freak out on him, but I would be afraid to approach the car ever again! Was he at least taking a shower when he aimed for the wall, or was he projecting from in front of the toilet?

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:jawdrop: Wow...that's all I got is a wow. You are so patient. :eek:

Yay for a great appointment though!!!

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"clio" wrote:


You are a saint! I'd not only freak out on him, but I would be afraid to approach the car ever again! Was he at least taking a shower when he aimed for the wall, or was he projecting from in front of the toilet?

He was in the shower--but I had wondered why the bathroom stank so bad, and then I looked in the tub and saw yellow/orange dried ick on the walls and "arm shelf" for lack of better description of the tub. I took some toilet paper and wiped some up--wondering if it was pee--and it smelled like 2 day old urine. It had been about that long since he showered, so I told my dh what I suspected and the next day he showered again and my dh was in the room next to it and suddenly heard a loud stream of something hitting the wall--several times! So yeah, he was peeing against it and then not even bothering to rinse it down or anything so it was drying on the walls and tub.

The patience has run out though--I've been horribly grumpy all day at the kids as I've been trying to de-nastify my house. So poor things have gotten the brunt of my frustrations.

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Wow...frustrating time with your brother, you are a saint!

Congrats on hearing your little ones heart beat!