Sorry so MIA!

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Sorry so MIA!

I've had a busy two weeks!! But we made it safely to California from Chicago....had a hellish ordeal with the moving company, UGH! But we are home!!! I'm now done with school (YAY!) and spending some quality time with DS Ethan at home. It's nice to see all the new additions to the Board, and sad to see that some left =[.

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Glad to have you back!!! Congrats on finishing school and a successful move, even if it was problematic. Hope you're feeling well!!

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So glad your move is over and you're enjoying some quality down time. Congrats on finishing school, too!

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welcome back Smile Try to get some rest in between unpacking boxes Smile

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Welcome back. Sorry to hear about the moving drama - never any fun - we do it every 3 years. Wink

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You made it Erin! Just in time for a little trembler last night. lol.

It was tiny, only a 3.something, too small for you to feel it in OC. I had just drifted to sleep last night when all my windows started shaking for a few seconds....just enough to wake me up.

I thought about getting up to put clothes on, just in case a bigger one followed, but then thought better of it & drifted back off. lol