Spotting Scare (TMI)

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Spotting Scare (TMI)

I had a little bit of spotting on Saturday which completely freaked me out. But I think I know why, and I think it's going to be alright.

I am suuuuuuper constipated right now, so on Saturday I was trying to go and, um, really bearing down. Gross, I know. Anyway, after I finally went, I noticed a little spot of red blood on the toliet paper (not from my rear.) Kind of freaked me out. Then, when I peed later that afternoon, there was a little bit more red blood. I was fuh-reaking. I had myself completely convinced that I was losing this baby.

But, no more spotting since then, and no let up of symptoms.

I was reading online (as you do) and I read that it is actually not uncommon for preg women to have a little bit of cervical bleeding after particularly hard BMs - especially if their cervix is friable (which my nurse said that mine was.) So gross. I think I pooped so hard I bled.

But at least I'm not convinced that I'm having a m/c anymore.

I'm so glad you ladies are here. I don't know who else I would tell that story, but I know you'll at least understand why I was freaking out.

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Glad it went away for you. Hugs

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Yes, spotting in the beginning is completely normal, as your body and cervex are adjusting to the changes you're going through. As long as it's not bright red and accompanied by cramping then you're fine!

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Thank goodness you have an scary! Glad it was just poop induced. Wink

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Well, I'm super glad you were able to put your mind at ease. Spotting can be scary.

A woman on my last BB had the exact same thing happen during a very HARD BM. Poor thing went to the ER to find out the same thing.

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You know I was super constipated in the beginning week or so and then I went to whole foods and got a different prenatal. The kind I got was an organic food based. Its called Super nutrition prenatal blend and it keeps me very regular. Absolutely love them.

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:bigarmhug: anytime you see blood it is scary. I'm glad you think you know what caused it but next dr. appt be sure to mention to your OB.

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That is scary. But in this case in glad you googled it and got your answers. I hope it doesn't happen anymore for you.

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yikes! that sounds scary! glad you figured it out and it wasn't what you feared.

FYI, I don't find these kind of posts to be TMI at all...this is the kind of thing that NO ONE tells you about, and it sure as heck isn't in What to Expect When You're Expecting. when you're fearing the worst, it's reassuring to know that there is another explanation, and someone else has been through it too!

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Glad you know what the spotting was from. I'm with you on the constipation! :confused: Hopefully the metamucil I had earlier kicks in soon! Wink