Steal of a deal!

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Steal of a deal!

So I've been meaning to buy a moby wrap this entire pregnancy, and had just not gotten around to it ever. So I was searching craigslist for a decent priced wrap that was listed as newer and close by. I finally found one yesterday and emailed about it. They had a bunch of baby stuff on their post--including a nice looking Eddie Bauer diaper bag. So I told her I definitely wanted the moby and maybe the diaper bag if it was a size I was looking for etc. We met up at a shopping center less than 10 minutes from my house this morning and she showed me both items--they were in INCREDIBLE shape!

The moby has its carry bag and original manual in great shape (black, but not at all faded or stretched) and the diaper bag was nice and clean and not even used it looked like! And since my previous diaper bag fell apart and I threw it out, I needed a new one. So I got both! Ready for the prices?? $15 for the moby wrap and $5 for the bag! Both for $20! I couldn't even have gotten a cheapo walmart diaper bag that would rip up within 6 months for much less than that! I'm super excited! Now to pack the diaper bag and figure out how to use the wrap. Off to youtube it!

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Yay!!! I love CL for baby items. I got my moby the same way as you described but you got a better deal. I paid $20 for mine.

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WOW! That is awesome! I got a moby wrap for Christmas. It's a hand made, no sew, one. Smile I'm so excited to use it! They are actually fairly easy to put on it's just a little awkward. Especially with the belly in the way. lol. I hope you enjoy yours as well!

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That sounds great! Craigslist is awesome!