Stomach flu!

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Stomach flu!

So dh and I decided to call a last minute sitter last night and go out for dinner--taking as many dating opportunities as we can before LO arrives. So I went to pick the sitter up and didn't bring my cell phone. By the time I got back 10 minutes later, I walked in the house and first thing I saw was a big mess on the living room floor--half on the area rug, half on the wood floor. It looked like someone spilled a bag of sawdust! I said "who spilled?" and dh came back to the mess with a handful of paper towels (he was already in the middle of cleaning it up) and said "Weston puked".

So, the 3 year old was down with stomach flu! I asked the sitter (a 15 year old girl) if she wanted to try staying or I could take her home. She said she was fine to stay, so we washed the kid up and put him to bed and the rest went downstairs and played a game while we had a quick dinner date and grabbed a carpet cleaning rental on our way home. I've been wanting to clean the living room rug, entry way runner rug and the kitchen chair cushions for a long time anyways, so thats what I did last night.

When we arrived home about and hour and a half after we left (short date!) ds woke up (he slept the whole time we were gone) and seemed ok for a bit, then about 20 minutes later, he threw up in his bed. Luckily he's big enough to (mostly) make it in the bowl! This morning he is totally fine (and keeps asking for more food after I gave him a piece of toast), so I am washing EVERYTHING and bathed him again to try to get germs under control. This is just what I need 10 days until my due date! I wonder if the other kids will catch it. Oh, and while I was in the bathroom this morning, ds quietly came in my room and laid on my bed--on my pillow! This was before I bathed him or changed his clothes he slept in all night. So, my sleeping in this morning was DONE and I stripped my bed to wash. Sad

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Sorry your son is sick, I hope no one else gets it! We had it the week before Thanksgiving me and hubby both got it and 2 of the kids! I did everything to make sure no one else would get sick! But your right that is not something you need 10 days before your due date!

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Bummer!!! That sucks that you've got a sick little one on your you said, 10 days before your due date is definitely bad timing!!! Hope that your house returns to normal know, just in time for the baby chaos to start.