Stopping in to Say HI & update

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Stopping in to Say HI & update

I know I just dropped off and just wanted to check in to say hi and update. I've been lurking but dropped off posting--after going through 4 1st tri losses in just a little over a year (Jan. 10-Feb. 11), this pregnancy has been so hard emotionally, much more than I thought it would be. So many thoughts and feelings that I can't even begin to express. We still haven't told DH's siblings, my family knows because I've definitely been showing for awhile and they see me pretty often.

Anyway, we saw baby and heard his/her heartbeat at 7w 1d. Baby was measuring ahead. Love my new dr. and like the midwife that is there too. So glad I made the change!!

Dr. brought a little portable u/s machine in at my 10 week appt. and we saw baby moving around, so cute!

Heard baby's hb via doppler at my 14 week appt. HR was 167.

Next appt. and big u/s is scheduled Aug. 18th.

Hoping I can begin to let go--I really want to enjoy this pregnancy and our wee one. So thankful that I have been given the privilege to carry this baby this far.

Congratulations to all of you who have found out what you're having. Smile
Happy for you all!

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Im sorry about your previous losses. I am so happy this one is going better Smile Good luck on the big u/s Biggrin

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I have been thinking about you soooo much!!! But I completely understand what you are saying. I hope you can relax and enjoy this pregnancy very soon and join us once again!

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So glad to hear that everything is going OK! I know it's hard after a loss to get excited, I can't imagine going through so many. :bigarmhug: Hope you continue to post and KUP!

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It's great to see you back Smile and I am very happy that everything is going so well but I do understand how you feel. (truly I do) Please keep us posted and congrats on happy beats and being able to see your lil one dancing around Smile

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So glad to hear everything is going so well Monica! The chances of a miscarriage have dropped to really low levels now that you are this far into the pregnancy. I understand what you are feeling & why though. But, you are right. You should definitely work on enjoying this pregnancy.

Mine was VERY stressful in the beginning for other reasons, but I am FINALLY starting to love being pregnant. I guess there is always something one can find to worry about.

Hope to see you around here more. Smile Good luck on your anatomy u/s. KUP.

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Good to "see" you around again. Good luck at your u/s!!!!